Thursday, March 11, 2010

Elon Diamond fighting back

Since being crippled by Brian Rast, Elon Diamond has been all in and called at least three times and has won all three times.

The first time was the hand after Diamond was crippled, when he tripled up against Phil Hellmuth and Scotty Nguyen. Diamond held [As][Jh], Hellmuth held [Kd][Jc], and Scotty Nguyen held [9s][5s], and the board ran out [Qh][7s][4s][Qc][7h].

Shortly thereafter, in a blind vs. blind confrontation, Hellmuth check-called Diamond's all in on a [Td][6d][4d] flop. Diamond had the best hand with [6h][2c], but had to fade a lot of outs as Hellmuth held straight, flush, and a pair draw with his [8d][5h]. The turn came the [Jh] and the river came the [Qh] and Diamond doubled up.

On the last double-up, the room went nuts when Diamond's AQ held up against Andy Seth's QJ. After that, Diamond 4-bet and was not called. He is now up to over 300,000.