Monday, March 8, 2010

YouTube video: Gus Hansen elimination video

Click here to view the video in HD

YouTube video: Gus Hansen interview

Gus Hansen talks about the 2010 Bay 101 Shooting Stars tournament with tournament director Matt Savage

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Vanna Tea is our Day 1A chip leader

Vanna Tea is our Day 1A chip leader with 143,900 chips. She has earned an additional $10,000 for having the lead.

Play has concluded for the night.

Ten levels of play have completed and all of the players from Day 1A have advanced to Day 2.  The tournament staff is now verifying all chip counts to determine who will earn the $10,000 bonus.

Blinds have been increased to 400/800 with a 100 ante.

This is the last level of the night.  At the end of this level, the player with the most chips will earn an extra $10,000 prize.  Currently our chip leader is Greg Mueller with 104,000.

We are now racing off the 25 chips.

Tom Dwan eliminated

Tom Dwan was all in preflop holding QJ vs Christina Lindley's 99. The flop brought a sweat when it came KTx, but the ten on the turn took away a few of Dwan's outs. A harmless eight hit the river, and Tom Dwan was sent to the rail.

Updated chip counts

Players are heading back from their last break of the night. The 71 remaining players are now playing 300/600 blinds with a 75 ante. Here are updated chip counts:

Scott Montgomery 74,850
Greg Mueller 66,575
Yevgeniy Timoshenko 58,200
Jonathan Little 50,100
Daniel Negreanu 42,300
Joe Serock 39,250
Christina Lindley 30,900
Chris Ferguson 29,325
Freddy Deeb 29,250
Tom Dwan 27,550
Steve Brecher 21,450
Mike Matusow 17,900

Scott Montgomery is on a heater

Perhaps hoping to keep a better eye on Tom Dwan, Scott Montgomery has knocked out the two players between them to chip up to over 85,000.

Blinds have been increased to 250/500 with a 50 ante.

Kathy Liebert has been eliminated.

Two more bounties eliminated

Within five minutes, we lost two more bounties.  Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier and Hoyt Corkins have been eliminated.  Corkins was knocked out with AK vs Greg Mueller's AA, so we have the first bounty on bounty elimination.

Players are back from dinner break.

The blinds are now 200/400 with a 50 ante, and the players will play this level and three more before the night is complete.

Updated chip counts at dinner break

The 93 remaining players are now on dinner break until 6:30PM.  Here are updated chip counts.

Scott Montgomery 56,000
Tom Dwan 55,475
Joe Serock 49,800
Freddy Deeb 49,200
Daniel Negreanu 33,200
Jonathan Little 32,600
Christina Lindley 31,475
Yevgeniy Timoshenko 30,150
Chris Ferguson 28,775
Mike Matusow 26,050
Steve Brecher 24,425
Greg Mueller 17,825
Hoyt Corkins 17,025
Kathy Liebert 14,825
Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier 8,750

YouTube video: Christina Lindley is single and available

Christina Lindley is single and available. At least that's one of the things tournament director Matt Savage found out in this interview.

Click here to view the video in HD

Players of the Year eliminated

Card Player's "Player of the Year" Eric Baldwin has been eliminated when his pocket tens did not hold up. Baldwin was all in after a flop of 9x[4h][3h] against his opponent's [7h][5h], and while the turn was safe, the river was a 6 to make his opponent's gut shot straight.

Bluff Magazine's "Player of the Year" Jason Mercier has been eliminated in a similar fashion.  Mercier was all in preflop holding AK against his opponent's JJ.  Though the ATx flop was good for Mercier, the king on the turn gave his opponent a straight draw.  The river queen made another gut shot straight and sent Mercier to the rail.

Elky and Jason Mercier double up

Within moments of each other, both Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier and Jason Mercier have doubled up.  "Elky" was all in with AK vs the A9 of Hoyt Corkins and made a flush on the river of an A443J board.  Mercier doubled up when his 44 held up against his opponent's AK on a 238J4 board.

Blinds have been increased to 150/300 with a 50 ante.

Clean up on aisle 4!

We don't know how it happened, but there's a mess of fruit laying on the table in front of Greg Mueller.

Gavin Smith eliminated

Jennifer Harman eliminated

Jennifer Harman was eliminated when her [Ah][Ks] failed to improve against her opponents [7h][7d] on a [6c][5c][2c][4s][Js] board.

Gus Hansen eliminated

Shortly after the break, Gus Hansen found himself all in on a [Js][Ts]2x flop holding [2s][4s] against his opponent's J5. Hansen failed to improve and has been eliminated, and his opponent picked up the second $5,000 bounty of the day.

Video will be posted shortly.

Updated chip counts

The players are back from break and are now playing 150/300 blinds.

Scott Montgomery 46,800
Daniel Negreanu 36,500
Christina Lindley 30,500
Freddy Deeb 30,200
Joe Serock 29,600
Jonathan Little 28,900
Steve Brecher 26,300
Mike Matusow 25,500
Tom Dwan 22,600
Kathy Liebert 18,800
Jason Mercier 18,200
Yevgeniy Timoshenko 16,900
Eric Baldwin 16,200
Greg Mueller 15,800
Hoyt Corkins 15,000
Chris Ferguson 13,700
Gus Hansen 12,400
Gavin Smith 9,800
Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier 9,300
Jennifer Harman 6,300

Daniel Negreanu doubles up

Daniel Negreanu doubled up when he was all in on an [As][4h][9d][3s] board holding [5d][2d] for the wheel while his opponent had [Ad][3d] for two pair.  The river came the [Qd], and Negreanu's opponent did not catch his four outer for a full house.

Steve Brecher doubles up

Steve Brecher doubled up when his AQ dodged the straight and flush draw of his opponent.

Gus Hansen loses most of his chips

We caught up with Gus Hansen on the turn with the board reading KK36.  Hansen bet, his opponent raised to 5400, Hansen raised an additional 8k more, and his opponent called all in for less.  Hansen showed 33 for a flopped full house, and his opponent had K4 for trip kings.  The river was the case king to give his opponent quads, and Hansen is down to just over 5k.

YouTube video: Daniel Negreanu signs autographs

We catch Daniel Negreanu signing autographs on the rail at the 2010 Bay 101 Shooting Stars tournament

Click here to view the video in HD

Tom Dwan doubles up

Tom "durrr" Dwan has doubled up, making trip kings with his KJ.

Updated chip counts

Here are updated chip counts from the first break.  When the players come back, they will be playing 75/150 blinds.

Scott Montgomery 50,200
Christina Lindley 32,100
Kathy Liebert 28,000
Greg Mueller 27,400
Mike Matusow 27,200
Daniel Negreanu 24,025
Hoyt Corkins 21,700
JJ Liu 21,125
Jason Mercier 20,650
Jennifer Harman 19,450
Joe Serock 19,325
Gus Hansen's seat 19,150
Yevgeniy Timoshenko 18,250
Chris Ferguson 17,850
Gavin Smith 16,275
Eric Baldwin 15,575
Gavin Smith 14,975
Steve Brecher 13,250
Freddy Deeb 12,175
Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier 11,950
Tom Dwan 8,875

Kathy Liebert doubles up

Kathy Liebert called all in on the turn for her last 8,525 with the board reading [5s][8d][9d][2c].  Her opponent showed [Jc][Jd], but Liebert showed [Qd][Qs].  Another player congratulated her on her double up, but Liebert said she hadn't won yet.  It wasn't much of a sweat as the river came the [3d], and Liebert doubled up.

TJ Cloutier has been eliminated

Day 1A Bounties

Here is a list of your day 1a bounties:
  1. Eric Baldwin
  2. Steve Brecher
  3. TJ Cloutier
  4. Tom Dwan
  5. Freddy Deeb
  6. Chris Ferguson
  7. Bernard "Elky" Grospellier
  8. Gus Hansen
  9. Jennifer Harman 
  10. Kathy Liebert 
  11. Mike "The Mouth" Matusow 
  12. Jason Mercier 
  13. Greg Mueller 
  14. Daniel Negreanu 
  15. Gavin Smith
  16. Yevgeniy Timoshenko
  17. Hoyt Corkins

$2,000 No Limit - Final Table Chip Counts

Name Position Home Town Chip Count
Steve "Chainsaw" Dempsey Seat 7 San Bruno, CA 578,000
Martin "Dick" Corpuz Seat 4 Mtn View, CA 372,000
Albert Garcia Seat 6 Morgan Hill, CA 362,000
Edward Zac Holyoke Seat 8 Buellton, CA 306,000
Scott Numoto Seat 5 Campbell, CA 305,000
Danny Smith Seat 1 Folsom, CA 233,000
Ann Mckeith Seat 2 El Grove, CA 184,000
Phi Tran Seat 9 Stockton, CA 151,000
Nigel Lau Seat 3 San Francisco, CA 69,000