Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eugene Katchalov is our Day 1B chip leader

Eugene Katchalov is our Day 1B chip leader.  He has earned an additional $10,000 for having the lead.

Play has concluded for the night

Play has concluded for the night and 72 players remain from Day 1B.  They will combine with the 53 players from Day 1A tomorrow at 11am to play Day 2.  Stay tuned to www.Bay101Live.com for a full chip count and seating assignemnts.

Chau Giang doubles up

On the last hand of the night, Chau Giang found himself all in with pocket kings against his opponent's [Ah][9h] on a flop of 9x[6h][3h].  The turn was a king, leaving his opponent drawing to a non-paired heart.  The river came a trey, making Giang a full house and awarding him the pot.

Howard Lederer doubles up

Howard Lederer was all in preflop holding [Ad][Jd] vs. his opponent's [Ks][Kd].  The [Js][7s][3s] flop was exciting as Lederer flopped top pair but was still trailing the overpair.  The [Jh] hit the turn, drawing "oooohs" from the rail, but Lederer wasn't out of the woods, yet, as he still had to dodge a king or a spade that didn't pair the board.  When the river hit the [6c], Lederer survived and has doubled up.

YouTube video: Sorel Mizzi talks about eliminating Antonio Esfandiari

Sorel Mizzi is very excited about busting Antonio Esfandiari and is interviewed by tournament director Matt Savage. Phil Laak interrupts to ask Mizzi a question as well.

Click here to view the video in HD

Phil Laak's Carlos Mortensen inspired chip stack

Racing off the 25's

Players are now on a ten minute break while we race off the 25 chips.

YouTube video: Phil Laak shares his secret strategy

Sorel Mizzi is very excited about busting Antonio Esfandiari and is interviewed by tournament director Matt Savage. Phil Laak interrupts to ask Mizzi a question as well.

Click here to view the video in HD

This is one tough table...

As the tournament progresses, players shuffle around and inevitably there becomes a table that nobody wants to end up at... because the players are really, really good.  I believe we have found that in table #28.

Joe Cassidy
Hasan Habib
James Mackey
Jeff Madsen
Sorel Mizzi
Justin "BoostedJ" Smith

Nick Schulman doubles up

Nick Schulman was all in on the turn and showed pocket eights, good for a full house.  His opponent mucked before a river was even dealt as he was drawing dead.  Schulman is now over 90,000.

Mark Newhouse eliminated

Updated chip counts

Players are back from their last break of the night and are now playing 300/600 blinds with a 75 ante. The 95 remaining players will be playing two more levels before they are done for the night. Here are updated chip counts:

Sorel "Imperium" Mizzi 105,000
Justin "BoostedJ" Smith 65,000
Phil Laak 61,500
Jerry Yang 59,800
James Mackey 57,000
Hasan Habib 56,225
Scotty Nguyen 53,150
Brandon Cantu 50,000
Nick Schulman 47,975
Shane "Shaniac" Schleger 47,625
Tuan Le 46,000
Phil Hellmuth 45,250
Howard Lederer 45,000
Chau Giang 35,075
Scott Seiver 31,500
Barry Greenstein 27,700
Raymond Doland 27,250
Steve Sung 26,600
Mark Newhouse 23,250
Tyler Reiman 23,025
Mike Sexton 18,500
Matt "AllInAt420" Stout 15,350
JC Tran 11,300
Eli Elezra 7,450
Jeff Madsen 6,975

John Juanda eliminated

Vivek Rajkumar eliminated

Vivek Rajkumar has been eliminated when he missed his flush draw. His opponent had top pair with AK.

Allen Cunningham eliminated

Allen Cunningham has been eliminated when AQ failed to improve against his opponent's pocket jacks.

John Phan eliminated

Mike Sexton doubles up

Mike Sexton doubled up when his pocket aces held up against his opponents pocket kings, all in preflop.

Todd Brunson eliminated

Players back from dinner break

131 players remain as we come back from dinner break.  They are now playing 200/400 blinds with a 50 ante.

Updated chip counts

Players are on a one hour dinner break. Here are updated chip counts:

Jerry Yang 64,100
JC Tran 58,050
Sorel "Imperium" Mizzi 55,575
Nick Schulman 54,900
Brandon Cantu 48,900
Tuan Le 44,525
Scotty Nguyen 42,125
Phil Laak 40,250
"Miami" John Cernuto 29,925
Vivek Rajkumar 29,375
Scott Seiver 27,000
Shane "Shaniac" Schleger 26,950
Antonio Esfandiari 25,975
Mike Sexton 24,150
Chau Giang 22,875
Phil Hellmuth 20,800
Barry Greenstein 20,375
Eli Elezra 19,550
Howard Lederer 18,575
Amnon Filippi 17,675
David Baker 17,575
John Phan 16,800
Matt "AllInAt420" Stout 16,275
Allen Cunningham 15,675
Dick Corpuz 15,525
Raymond Doland 14,900
John Juanda 14,675
Tyler Reiman 13,625
Daniel Alaei 12,125
Steve Sung 10,775
Jeff Madsen 5,400
Maria Ho 3,950

Mike Sexton doubles up

On the river, Mike Sexton was all in holding the nut flush. The other player showed a smaller flush, and Sexton will double up.

Prize pool posted

Final numbers have been announced for the 2010 Shooting Stars tournament. 137 players showed up to play Day 1A, and 196 players showed up to play Day 1B for a combined total of 333 entrants. Here are the payouts:

1st $878,500 (including $25K seat)
2nd $521,200
3rd $292,800
4th $234,300
5th $175,700
6th $117,000
7th-8th $58,600
9th-10th $38,000
11th-12th $29,300
13th-18th $23,400
19th-24th $20,500
25th-30th $17,600
31st-36th $14,700

Blinds have been increased to 150/300 with a 50 ante.

John Phan triples up

John Phan triples up when his flopped pair of jacks is able to fade his opponent's straight draw.

List of bounties remaining

The day is almost half over, but more than half of today's bounties are still alive in the tournament. Here is a list of the Shooting Stars that remain:

1. Todd Brunson
2. "Miami" John Cernuto
3. Allen Cunningham
4. Antonio "The Magician" Esfandiari
5. Chau Giang
6. Barry Greenstein
7. Phil Hellmuth
8. John Juanda
9. Phil Laak
10. Howard Lederer
11. John Phan
12. Vivek Rajkumar
13. Mike Sexton
14. JC Tran
15. Jerry Yang

Mike Sexton doubles up

Mike Sexton has doubled up when his [As][Ts] held up against his opponent's [Js][3s], all in on a [Ad][2s][4s]. The turn came the [7h] and the river came the [2d].

Men "The Master" Nguyen has been eliminated

Joe Hachem eliminated

Joe Hachem is eliminated when his AQ failed to improve against his opponent's pocket jacks.

Carlos Mortensen eliminated by Phil Laak

On a flop of [9h][6d][6s], Carlos Mortensen is all in holding the [8h][6h] against Phil Laak's [Ac][6c]. Turn is the [Qs], and Mortensen fails to catch when the [4c] falls on the river to eliminate him. Phil Laak will get a $5,000 bounty for eliminating Mortensen.

Carlos Mortensen doubles up off Eli Elezra

Carlos Mortensen is all in preflop holding [Ac][Kc] against Eli Elezra's [Jh][9h].  The board runs out [Qd][8s][3c][8d][7c] and Mortensen will double up to over 18,000.

Updated chip counts

Players are back from break and are now playing 100/200 blinds with a 25 ante. There are 168 players remaining, and here is a brief update on chip counts:

Brandon Cantu 41,500
Amnon Filippi 36,525
Jerry Yang 28,450
John Cernuto 28,400
Phil Laak 28,225
Vivek Rajkumar 25,000
Antonio Esfandiari 24,500
Barry Greenstein 24,375
Howard Lederer 23,100
Allen Cunningham 21,650
John Juanda 20,225
Eli Elezra 20,200
Maria Ho 14,100
Phil Hellmuth 14,000
Jeff Madsen 13,125
Josh Schlein 9,900
Carlos Mortensen 8,875
Mike Sexton 8,825
Michael Binger 7,375

Maria Ho eliminates Chris Moore

Maria Ho has eliminated Chris Moore when her AK paired the board, beating Moore's JJ.

Antonio Esfandiari triples up

Antonio Esfandiari has tripled up when his pocket kings held up, all in preflop against pocket nines and AK.

Allen Cunningham triples up

Allen Cunningham was all in before the flop with [Kd][Ts] vs. two callers, who had [Ad][Kh] and [Jc][Jh]. A flop of [Th][4h][2c] gave Cunningham five outs to the win, while the pocket jacks still led. The [Ac] on the turn meant that AK had gained the lead, and Cunningham would need to catch one of the two remaining tens on the river to survive. The crowd went wild when the [Td] hit the river, giving the main pot to Cunningham while the player with pocket jacks was eliminated.

John Phan doubles up

John Phan had an exciting double up when he was all in before the flop with AK vs his opponent's [Jd][8d]. The flop paired both players when it came KJ4, but Phan was trailing and needing help when the turn was an eight, making his opponent two pair. A four hit the river to give Phan a bigger two pair, and he dodged what was almost a bad beat.

Blinds have been increased to 100/200.

Erick Lindgren eliminated

Joe Sebok eliminated

Joe Sebok was all in with AK vs his opponent's [Ah][Jh].  The Q63 flop was safe for Sebok, but the ten on the turn gave his opponent a gutshot straight draw.  When one of the three remaining kings hit the river, Sebok was sent to the rail.  His opponent will collect a $5,000 bounty for the elimination.

Phil Laak doubles up again

Phil Laak is all in again with [Tc][Td] against his opponent's [Ac][Qs].  Laak flopped the nuts on a [Th][4s][2d] and only had to dodge two different runner-runner straight draws.  The [2c] on the turn locked it up for Laak, and when a meaningless [4h] hit the river, Laak doubled up to about 18k again.

Nam Le eliminated by Nick Schulman

Nam Le flopped a set of tens but was sent to the rail when Nick Schulman tabled a set of queens.  Schulman will receive a $5,000 bounty for eliminated Le.

Joe Sebok doubles up

Joe Sebok was all in holding the AK against his opponent's [Jc][3c], which is the sort of hand that can happen  at the Shooting Stars tournament.  Sebok flopped a pair of kings and dodged his opponent's runner-runner outs to double up.

Annie Duke eliminated

Annie Duke was all in with [As][Ks] vs. her opponent's [Ac][Ah] on a flop of [Th][6c][3s]. Duke had a back-door flush draw and runner-runner outs for trips, but both failed to materialize when the turn came [3h] and the river a [6d], sending Duke to the rail and awarding her opponent a $5,000 bounty.

Erik Seidel eliminated

With the board showing QJ5JQ, Erik Seidel's opponent bet enough to put Seidel all in and he called.  His opponent showed him the second nuts with KQ, and Seidel mucked, eliminating him from the tournament.

Phil Laak doubles up

Phil Laak is all in preflop holding the [Ah][Ks] vs. his opponent's [As][Jh], who explains he only played because Laak is a bounty.  When the board ran out [4h][Kc][6h][7d][4s], Laak's hand held up and doubled up to over 16,000.

Updated chip counts

Player are back from break and are now playing 75/150 blinds. Here are updated chip counts for select players:

Nick Schulman 30,850
Jerry Yang 30,250
Chau Giang 30,000
Josh Arieh 25,725
John Juanda 25,475
Sorel Mizzi 23,175
Howard Lederer 22,525
John Cernuto 22,375
Scotty Nguyen 22,000
John Hennigan 21,875
Allen Cunningham 21,650
Chris Moore 21,325
Brock Parker 20,400
Barry Greenstein 20,275
Amnon Filippi 20,075
Nam Le 20,000
Annie Duke 19,650
Eli Elezra 19,400
Shane Schleger 19,050
Todd Brunson 18,750
Erik Seidel 18,525
JC Tran 17,650
Phil Hellmuth 16,325
Darryll Fish 15,550
Scott Seiver 15,400
Antonio Esfandiari 15,300
Maria Ho 13,250
Men "The Master" Nguyen 12,550
Erick Lindgren 11,475
Phil Laak 7,775
Jeff Madsen 6,475
Joe Sebok 5,475

David Williams eliminated by Eli Elezra

David Williams was all in preflop holding [As][Jc] against Eli Elezra's [Ah][8h].  The flop came [Ts][8s][6s], pairing Elezra but giving Williams the nut flush draw.  When the turn came [4h] and the river came [6d], Williams was eliminated, giving his bounty to Elezra.

Blinds have been increased to 50/100.

End of Day 1A Chip Counts

Last First Chip Count
Tea Vanna 143,900
Mueller Greg 132,800
Dardon Oddie 105,500
Timoshenko Yevgeniy 97,600
Elpayaa Joseph 87,300
Montgonery Scott 84,800
Wallace Chris 84,100
Kramer Bruce 81,200
LaFrance Daniel 79,400
Marks Tyson 74,000
Lam Loi 71,800
Hyman Zachary 70,000
Wright Andy 69,100
Forster Dave 68,300
Ruhin David 64,400
Cooper Michael 62,500
Monnette John 61,800
Ketteringham Mark 59,800
Nishijima Thiago 55,900
Mayo Leo 55,600
Anderson Larry 53,600
Chase David 53,300
Bortmas Darren 53,300
Gamon Dan 47,000
Nguyen Phat Van 46,900
Tang Michael 45,900
Davenport Byron 45,300
Raines Taylor 44,700
Khasria Narinder 42,900
Gregory Pete 42,500
Ash George 42,100
Campbell Bob 41,900
Mehmood Omar 41,300
Vanderbeek Kevin 39,400
Pires John 39,200
Little Jonathon 38,700
Cricchio Cosimo 38,100
Kagawa Masa 35,100
Matusow Mike 35,100
Martin Daniel 33,100
Deeb Freddy 30,800
Griffith Wade 30,000
McClain Mike 28,700
Gurevich Alex 28,500
Dihn John 24,700
Lindley Christina 23,400
Mitchell Nicholas 20,500
Negranu Daniel 19,600
Anderson Jim 18,200
Alves Marco 17,900
Brecher Steve 10,800
Wright Larry 10,700
Tian Fang 10,400

YouTube video: Greg Mueller makes a mess

We don't know how it happened, but there's a mess of fruit laying on the table in front of Greg Mueller.

Click here to view the video in HD