Friday, March 12, 2010

Andy Seth doubles up through Mclean Karr

Three handed, Andy Seth raises from the button, and Mclean Karr reraises from the small blind. Dan O'Brien folds the big blind, and Seth moves all in. Karr makes the call, showing pocket sevens against the pocket tens of Seth. By the turn, Karr is drawing to a straight to knock out Seth, but the [2s] on the river sends the pot to Seth and knocks Karr's chip stack down a bit.

Blinds have been increased to 25k/50k with a 5k ante.

Dan O'Brien doubles up

Dan O'Brien was all in holding pocket jacks against the pocket treys of Andy Seth. No trey materialized on the board and Dan O'Brien has doubled up.

Hasan Habib - 4th Place - $234,300

Blinds have been increased to 15k/30k with a 5k ante.

We are now racing off the 1k chips and when completed, we will be playing 15k/30k blinds with a 5k ante.

Matt Keikoan - 5th Place - $175,700

Matt Keikoan moved all in under the gun with [Ad][7c] and is called by Andy Seth in the big blind, holding [9h][9c]. Keikoan makes a pair of aces the river when the board falls [8c][6c][4s][Tc][Ac], but Seth's [9c] plays to make a flush an eliminate Keikoan in 5th place.

Updated chip counts

We are back from break and are playing again. There are 10 minutes left in the level, and then the 1,000 chips come off the table and we go to 15k/30k with a 5k ante. Here are updated chip counts:

Mclean Karr 2,474,000
Dan O'Brien 2,228,000
Hasan Habib 884,000
Andy Seth 790,000
Matt Keikoan 288,000

YouTube video: Kings beats aces with 10 players left

Dave Forster was unlucky enough to pick up K♥K♣ against the A♠A♥ of Matt Keikoan, but got pretty lucky when the flop fell K♦8♥5♥. The board failed to materialize an ace when the turn and river fell 4♠J♠, and Forster doubled up to over 700,000.

Click here to view the video in HD

YouTube video: Elon Diamond elimination hand

Elon Diamond was all in preflop holding A♦Q♠ against Andy Seth's Q♦Q♣. The board of T♦9♦6♣6♥8♠ brought no help for Diamond, and he will be our 7th place finisher.

Click here to view the video in HD

Blinds have been increased to 12k/24k with a 4k ante.

YouTube video: Eugene Katchalov (Day 1B chip leader) interview

Eugene Katchalov, our Day 1B chip leader, is interviewed by tournament director Matt Savage after the conclusion of the day

Click here to view the video in HD

Updated chip counts

McLean Karr - 2,245,000
Daniel O'Brien - 1,942,000
Andy Seth - 1,516,000
Hassan Habib - 534,000
Matt Keikoan - 427,000

Dan O'Brien doubles up

Dan O'Brien is all in preflop holding [As][Qs] against Andy Seth's [Js][Jc]. O'Brien needed help when the flop fell [Td][9d][7c], and he got it when the turn fell the [Qh]. Now Seth was needing help in the form of a jack or an eight, but the river was the [Ts] and O'Brien doubled up with his two pair.

Updated chip counts

Andy Seth - 2,964,000
Mclean Karr - 1,712,000
Dan O'Brien - 866,000
Matt Keikoan - 691,000
Hasan Habib - 431,000

Phil Hellmuth - 6th Place - $117,000

Preflop, Andy Seth raised and Phil Hellmuth reraised, and then Seth moved all in. Hellmuth made the call and showed [Qs][Qd], while Seth showed [Ac][Jc]. The flop was [Kd][6s][5s], but the [Th] on the turn gave Seth a gutshot straight draw as well as an overcard. The crowd went wild when the [Ah] hit the river, and Hellmuth was sent to the rail early in 6th place.

Blinds have been increased to 10k/20k with a 3k ante.

Andy Seth goes all-in

After a raise from Hasan Habib and a reraise from Phil Hellmuth, Andy Seth moved all in.  Hellmuth folded and Andy Seth won a nice pot without a showdown.

Cards are in the air!

Cards are in the air, and with a preflop raise, Hasan Habib has won the first pot.

Final table introductions

Slightly after our scheduled 4pm start time, tournament director Matt Savage is introducing our final table participants.  We will be getting cards in the air shortly... if we can keep Phil Hellmuth on the set.

YouTube video: Faraz Jaka elimination hand

Faraz Jaka was all in preflop with A♣T♠ vs. Scotty Nguyen's AQ. When the board ran out 8♦6♦4♣Q♣2♦, Jaka was eliminated in 18th place.

Click here to view the video in HD

Meet your final table!

Seat 1 - Hassan Habib - Los Angeles, CA - 455,000
Seat 2 - Phil Hellmuth - Palo Alto, CA - 1,433,000
Seat 3 - Andy Seth - Las Vegas, NV - 2,164,000
Seat 4 - Matt Keikoan - Marin, CA - 371,000
Seat 5 - McLean Karr - Ft. Wayne, IN - 1,112,000
Seat 6 - Daniel O'Brien - Mt. Sinai, NY - 1,129,000

When they return, players will be playing 8k/16k blinds with a 2k ante, with 109:37 left on the clock.

Elon Diamond - 7th Place - $58,600

Elon Diamond was all in preflop holding [Ad][Qs] against Andy Seth's [Qd][Qc]. The board of [Td][9d][6c][6h][8s] brought no help for Diamond, and he will be our 7th place finisher.

YouTube video: Scotty Nguyen elimination hand

Scotty Nguyen was all in preflop holding J♥8♥ against the K♥Q♦ of Andy Seth. Once the flop fell Q♣4♦2♠, Nguyen was all but eliminated. He was drawing dead after the turn fell the 5♦, and the river was a meaningless A♠. Nguyen will earn $58,600 for his finish, and Seth will collect the $5,000 bounty.

Click here to view the video in HD