Tuesday, August 24, 2010

YouTube video: Will Fahmy eliminates Lu Wang on the final table bubble

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Event #2 $345 6-Handed Spread Limit Hold'em Final Results

1st - Leonard Levenson (Monterey, CA) - $10,250
2nd - Will Fahmy (San Jose, CA) - $5,810
3rd - Mike Amdal (San Jose, CA) - $3,060
4th - Alan Bittikofer (Hayward, CA) - $2,450
5th - Cuong Nguyen (San Jose, CA) - $2,140
6th - Graham Perry (San Jose, CA) - $1,840
7th - Devon Jackson (San Jose, CA) - $1,360
8th - Lu Wang (Fremont, CA) - $1,360
9th - Lawrence Cruz (San Jose, CA) - $765
10th - Chaw Teng Chng (San Jose, CA) - $765
11th - Jeff Mince (Boulder Creek, CA) - $400
12th - Lenox Baza (San Jose, CA) - $400

Final 5 players agree to a chop

The remaining five players have agreed to a chop. We are still gathering details, but play has halted as the Matt Savage and the tournament staff handles the payouts.

Recent eliminations: Jackson, Perry

Our birthday boy Devon Jackson was eliminated when he was unlucky to pick up pocket queens against his opponent's pocket aces. Jacson's 7th place finish will earn him $1,360.

Next out was Graham Perry from San Jose, CA. Perry's AT failed to hold when his opponent's [8d][6d] rivered a flush. Perry's 6th place finish will earn him $1,840.

YouTube video: Jeff Mince elimination hand

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Event #2 - Final table set!

With the elimination of our 8th place finisher, we are now at our 7-handed final table. The remaining players are each guaranteed $1,360. Here are the recent eliminations that got us to the final table:

8th - Lu Wang (Fremont, CA) - $1,360
9th - Lawrence Cruz (San Jose, CA) - $765

Recent eliminations: Chng, Mince, Baza

We actually lost Bay 101 dealer Lenox Baza from San Jose, CA in 12th place in level 8, but we figured there'd be another elimination shortly. How wrong we were. After an hour of play, we finally lost our 11th place finisher, Jeff Mince from Boulder Creek, CA. They both will receive $400 for their efforts.

As this post was being typed up, we lost our 10th place finisher as well. Chaw Teng Chng from San Jose, CA has won $765. The remaining field will play on as a 5-handed and a 4-handed table until the final table of 7 is reached.

YouTube video: Will Fahmy shows one pair with flair

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Event #2 is in the money!

Not only are we officially in the money as well as unofficially in the money! At 15 players left, the players agreed to take $600 off 1st and 2nd place to pay 13th, 14th, and 15th place. "Only in San Jose!" Matt Savage exclaims.

13th - Andrew Pauka (San Jose, CA) - $400
14th - Joe Nguyen (Sunnyvale, CA) - $400
15th - Graham Perry (San Jose, CA) - $400

Level 10 update

We're midway through level 10, which is 500/1k blinds.  16 players remain, with 12 players making the money.  The average chip stack is 31,875.  Here's a picture from our featured table that is streaming live now.

Players return from break

Players are back from break and are now playing 300/500 blinds.  Only 35 players remain, which means there are 6 tables in play.  Make sure you watch our live feed by clicking on "Watch LIVE Video" on the top of the page.

YouTube video: Devin Jackson: chip leader & birthday boy

Click here to view the video in HD

Event #2 Prizepool & payouts

Event #2 $345 6-Max Spread Limit Hold'em received 102 players, creating a prize pool of  $30,600.  Nearly half of the field has already been eliminated as just 57 players remain.  Here are the payouts:

1st - $10,250
2nd - $5,810
3rd - $3,060
4th - $2,450
5th - $2,140
6th - $1,840
7th - $1,360
8th - $1,360
9th-10th -$765
11th-12th - $400

Players return from break

Players are back from break and are now playing 100/200 blinds.  10 more alternates are still being seated, so there should be 102 entrants when all is said and done.  We were also able to track down the player with the most green on the table, as shown in the picture below:

Players are now on break

Players are now on 10 minute break while the tournament staff colors up the 25 chips.  92 players have now entered this tournament, and we are checking to see if that is the final number.

Blinds have been increased to 75/150

Blinds have been increased to 50/100

We are now up to 75 players, with alternates being called as seats open up.  Players started today's tournament with 5,000 in chips, and they are playing 30 minute rounds until the final table.

Event #2 - Cards in the air, watch live video!

Cards are in the air for the Bay 101 Open Event #2 - $345 6-Max Spread Limit Hold'em.  So far 72 players are registered, and registration is still open.  You can watch the live stream of our featured table at "Watch LIVE video."