Wednesday, August 25, 2010

YouTube video: Matt Savage evening update

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Event #3 $345 Spread Limit Hold'em Knockout - Final Results

1st - Phong Ly (San Jose, CA) - $9,630 (+8 bounties)
2nd - Eddie Della (Sunnyvale, CA) - $5,250 (+5 bounties)
3rd - Oscar Dominguez (San Jose, CA) - $2,630 (+16 bounties)
4th - Mike Mifsud (San Jose, CA) - $2,040 (+5 bounties)
5th - Keo Insixiengly (San Jose, CA) - $1,750 (+2 bounties)
6th - Richard Santos (San Jose, CA) - $1,460 (+2 bounties)
7th - James Manalang (Union City, CA) - $1,170 (+2 bounties)
8th - Will Fahmy (San Jose, CA) - $880 (+3 bounties)
9th - Alan Bittikofer (Hayward, CA) - $580 (+1 bounty)
10th - Dennis Young (Hayward, CA) - $530 (+4 bounties)
11th - Bong Nguyen (San Jose, CA) - $500 (+1 bounty)
12th - Ed Miller (Granite Bay, CA) - $500 (+6 bounties)
13th - Houston Williams (Los Gatos, CA) - $410 (+9 bounties)
14th - Mike Harvey (San Francisco, CA) - $410 (+4 bounties)
15th - Johnnell Williams (Valejo, CA) - $410 (+2 bounties)
16th - Bill Bruce (Angels Camp, CA) - $350 (+4 bounties)
17th - Jim Matzen (San Jose, CA) - $350 (+2 bounties)
18th - Scott McCall (Campbell, CA) - $350 (+1 bounty)
19th - Gustavo Eydelsteyn (Atherton, CA) - $350 (+2 bounties)

A deal is made.

After Alan Bittikofer was eliminated in 9th place, the remaining 8 players made a deal to split up the remaining prize money and will play the rest of the tournament out for the trophy, the title, and the remaining bounty prize money.

YouTube video: Will Fahmy doubles up

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Event #3 final table is reached

We have reached our final table of 9 players in Event #3 $345 Spread Limit Hold'em Knockout.  Players just returned from break and are now playing 2k/4k blinds.  The average stack is just over 81k, and everyone at this final table is guaranteed at least $580.  Houston Williams, once our chip leader, busted out in 13th place.  Here are the eliminations up to this point:

10th - Dennis Young (Hayward, CA) - $530
11th - Bong Nguyen (San Jose, CA) - $500
12th - Ed Miller (Granite Bay, CA) - $500
13th - Houston Williams (Los Gatos, CA) - $410
14th - Mike Harvey (San Francisco, CA) - $410
15th - Johnnell Williams (Valejo, CA) - $410
16th - Bill Bruce (Angels Camp, CA) - $350
17th - Jim Matzen (San Jose, CA) - $350
18th - Scott McCall (Campbell, CA) - $350
19th - Gustavo Eydelsteyn (Atherton, CA) - $350

YouTube video: Event #3 bubble negotiations

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Event #3 is in the money!

The 19 remaining players have just agreed to pay 19th place $350.  They have taken $200 off 1st and $150 off 2nd to pay the bubble.

Live video running WITH TABLE AUDIO!

Pardon our excitement, but we were finally able to wire up the featured table with a microphone so you can hear what the players are talking about.  This makes the live feed much more interesting to watch, in our opinion.  Keep on eye on Will Fahmy in the 3 seat as he likes to talk a lot during play.  To view the feed, click on "Watch LIVE Video" on the top of the page.

There are 23 players remaining and they are now playing 500/1000 blinds.

Houston Williams: current chip leader

We did a quick scan of the room to see if we could find our chip leader.  It wasn't hard, considering he was the only player with 1,000 chips in front of him, and 50 of them at that.  We estimate his stack to be at around 65,000, which appears to be a comfortable margin over 2nd place.  We introduce you to Houston Williams:

Final 27 players now redrawing for seats

We have just lost a player to bring us to 27 players remaining.  Matt Savage and the tournament staff are now redrawing seats for the remaining players, which means you'll have some new faces to watch on the live video stream.  We still have to lose 9 more players before we are in the money.

There's one minute remaining in level 8, which is 300/600 blinds.  The next level is 400/800 blinds.

Event #3 prizepool & payouts

146 players registered for Event #3 $345 Spread Limit Hold'em Knockout to create a main prize pool of $29,200 and a knockout prize pool of $14,600.  Here are the main payouts:

1st - $9,630
2nd - $5,250
3rd - $2,630
4th - $2,040
5th - $1,750
6th - $1,460
7th - $1,170
8th - $880
9th - $580
10th - $530
11th-12th - $500
13th-15th - $410
16th-18th - $350

Players return from break

Players are back from break and are now playing 100/200 blinds.  There were 146 players total, and we are down to 91 players.

The live stream is now running, and we have a few familiar faves on our featured table.  Click "Watch LIVE Video" at the top of the page to view the live stream.

Event #3 cards in the air!

Cards are in the air for Event #3 $345 Spread Limit Holdem Knockout. For every player that gets eliminated, a $100 bounty will be awarded.

Unfortunately, we are having technical difficulties with the casino's Internet, so our live video stream is not running for the time being, and updates will be infrequent until the problems are resolved.