Thursday, August 26, 2010

Event #4 $345 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo - Final Results

1st - Richard "Shadow" Hoffmaster (Somers, MT) - $9,560
2nd - Johnell Williams (Vallejo, CA) - $5,730
3rd - Mark Kishi (Union City, CA) - $3,000
4th - Rylen Sanehisa (Milpitas, CA) - $2,180
5th - Minh Trinh (Salinas, CA) - $1,910
6th - Jed Espino (San Jose, CA) - $16,40
7th - Jared Sandbrand (San Jose, CA) - $1,370
8th - Tori Eakes (San Jose, CA) - $1,090
9th - Lenox Baza (San Jose, CA) - $820

91 entrants, $27,300 prize pool

5 remaining players discussing a chop

Action at this final table was fast and furious, and we lost the following four players.  The remaining five are now discussing a deal.

6th - Jed Espino (San Jose, CA) - $16,40
7th - Jared Sandbrand (San Jose, CA) - $1,370
8th - Tori Eakes (San Jose, CA) - $1,090
9th - Lenox Baza (San Jose, CA) - $820

Rylen Sanehisa flops quads

Rylen Sanehisa was all in preflop holding AQQ4 against his opponents AA48.  Sanehisa needed help, and he got as much help as he could handle when the flop came QQJ, leaving his opponent drawing dead.  Sanehisa now sits on 39k.

Double knockout gets players into the money

On literally the first hand hand back from break, a hand developed on the outer table that resulted in two players getting knocked out.  The clock is now paused as the tournament staff redraws the field for the final table.  All remaining players are in the money and are guaranteed at least $820, with $9,560 going to first place.

Final 11 players return from break

The field has been trimmed to 11 players, and they have just returned from break.  As soon as one more player busts out, the field will combine to a final table.  However, only 9 spots pay, so one more will need to bust out before the players are in the money.  Players are now playing 2k/4k blinds, 4k/8k limits.

YouTube video: Matt Savage elimination hand

In a four handed pot, we catch Matt Savage get eliminated

Click here to view the video in HD

Event #4 redraw

Two players were simultaneously eliminated, creating a 26 person redraw rather than the normal 27.  We now have some new faces at our featured table. @mmigdol is still at the featured table, however he is now in the 2 seat.  Top 9 players pay, so we still have a long way to go.  The field has approximately 11 minutes left at 500/1k blinds, 1k/2k limits.

YouTube video: Matt Savage survives an all-in

Click here to view the video in HD

Matt Savage at our featured table - watch live!

As the field consolidates, tables are broken and those players are put into empty seats at the remaining tables. Our featured table had a seat open, and none other than tournament director Matt Savage ended up drawing the empty seat. To watch our live stream, click on "Watch LIVE" Video at the top of the page.

Players are now on break

The 52 remaining players are now on their second ten minute break of the day.  The field was just playing 200/400 blinds, and when they return they will be playing 300/500 blinds and 500/1k limits.  The average chip count is currently 8,750.

YouTube video: Jon "JUKER 1" Nakatani bad beat story

Click here to view the video in HD

YouTube video: Matt Savage loses a pot

Click here to view the video in HD

Event #4 Prizepool & payouts

91 players entered Event #4 $345 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo to create a prize pool of $27,300.  Here are the payouts:

1st - $9,560
2nd - $5,730
3rd - $3,000
4th - $2,180
5th - $1,910
6th - $1,640
7th - $1,370
8th - $1,090
9th - $820

Blinds have been increased to 75/150

Limits are now 150/300.

Event #4 $345 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo: cards in the air

Not only are cards in the air for Event #4 $345 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, but we've already completed level 1!  89 players have entered this tournament and are now playing 50/100 blinds and 100/200 limits.  Rumor has it that tournament director Matt Savage will be playing today's event.  You can watch a live feed of our featured table by clicking on "Watch LIVE Video" at the top of the page.