Friday, August 27, 2010

YouTube video: Marcus Mack elimination hand

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YouTube video: Matt Savage and Pat Lyons (part 1)

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Event #5 $550 Spread Limit Shootout - Final Results

1st - Eddie Della (Sunnyvale, CA) - $16,500
2nd - Amir Lehavot (Pembroke Pines, FL) - $10,000
3rd - Marcus Mack (Hayward, CA) - $6,000
4th - Mark Zika (Livermore, CA) - $4,000
5th - Mark Barnao (San Jose, CA) - $3,500
6th - Arteage Jesus Jose (Mexico) - $3,000
7th - Michael Tang (San Jose, CA)  - $2,500
8th - Lucas Hinde (San Jose, CA) - $2,000
9th - Stewart Fahmy (Los Gatos, CA) - $1,500
10th - Rick Oriel (San Jose, CA) - $1,000

100 entrants, $50,000 prize pool

Eddie Della beats Amir Lehavot

Eddie Della has won Event #5 when he rivered a flush with the [Tc][7c] vs. the A8 of Amir Lehavot.  Della will win $16,500 and the trophy for his 1st place finish, while Lehavot will win $10,000 for his 2nd place finish.

Marcus Mack eliminated in 3rd place ($6,000)

Marcus Mack was all in preflop holding pocket fives against the A2 of Eddie Della.  Della's good luck continue when he outflopped Mack by hitting an ace.  Dell's hand held up to eliminate Mack in 3rd place for $6,000.

Players return from break

The three remaining players are now back from break.  The blinds are now 5k/10k.

Recent eliminations & chip counts

Mark Zika has been eliminated in 4th place for $4,000 and Mark Barnao has been eliminated in 5th place for $3,500.

The players are now on break, and here are the remaining players chip counts:

Eddie Della - 290,000
Amir Lehavot - 120,000
Marcus Mack - 90,000

Photo of final 5 players in Event #5

Jesus Jose has been eliminated in 6th place ($3,000)

Recent eliminations: Hinde, Tang

Michael Tang has been eliminated in 7th place for $2,500, and Lucas Hinde has been eliminated in 8th place for $2,000.

Stewart Fahmy has been eliminated in 9th place ($1,500)

Players are now on break

We have lost one player since starting our final table.  Rick Oriel will get $1,000 for his 10th place finish.  The remaining nine players are now on break, and the tournament staff have raced off the 500 chips.  When the players return, they will be playing 1k/2k blinds.

Blinds have been increased to 500/1k

Event #5 final table is set... Watch LIVE Video!

Today's $550 Spread Limit Shootout has reached its final table and is now broadcasting on our live stream.  Click on "Watch LIVE Video" at the top of the page to follow along with all of the final table action. 

Seat 1 - Mark Zika
Seat 2 - Marcus Mack
Seat 3 - Jesus Jose
Seat 4 - Mark Barnao
Seat 5 - Michael Tang
Seat 6 - Rick Oriel
Seat 7 - Amir Lehavot
Seat 8 - Lucas Hinde
Seat 9 - Eddie Della
Seat 10 - Stewart Fahmy

Jesus Jose has won his table.

One table remains until we are at the final table

With Zika winning his table, that only leaves one table playing until we are at the final table.  Once that winner is declared, the final table will begin after a ten minute break.

Mark Zika has won his table.

Rick Oriel has won his table

Event #5 prizepool & payouts

100 players entered today's $550 Spread Limit Shootout, creating a $50,000 prize pool.  The payouts will be as follows:

1st - $16,500
2nd - $10,000
3rd - $6,000
4th - $4,000
5th - $3,500
6th - $3,000
7th - $2,500
8th - $2,000
9th - $1,500
10th - $1,000

More winners: Della, Fahmy, Lehavot, Mack

Three more tables continue to play on, but four tables have had winners decided since our last post.  They are:

Eddie DellaStewart Fahmy
Amir Lehavot
Marcus Mack

Lucas Hinde has won his table.

Lucas Hinde has won his table, which happened to be the featured table and the guy that knocked out @veeRob.  Meanwhile, the rest of the field is now playing 1k/2k blinds.  The tournament staff has just moved an outer table's players onto the featured table, so check out the bonus coverage by clicking on "Watch LIVE Video" at the top of the page.

Mark Barneo has won his table

Michael Tang is our first winner.

Michael Tang is the first winner of his first table and will advance to the final table of Event #5.

Players are on their second break

The tournament staff have just colored up the 100 chips, so the remaining 37 players are playing with 500 chips only.  There are no winners, yet, but three tables are heads up.  The remaining tables have six or less players left, with the average being around 4 players per table.  We should start seeing final table qualifiers in the next few rounds.  When the field returns, they will be playing 500/1k blinds.

Players are now on break

Shootout players are now on their first break while the dealers and tournament staff colors up the 25 chips.  Players started with 5k, and each table looks to have lost one or two players so far.  When the field returns, they will be playing 100/200 blinds.

Event #5 cards in the air!

Matt Savage has announced shuffle up and deal, so this $550 Spread Limit Hold'em Shootout has begun.  This event is sold out a 100 players, which means that one winner from each of the ten tables in play will advance to our final table.  Watch the streaming feed from our featured table (with @veeRob in the 9 seat) by clicking "Watch LIVE Video" at the top of the screen.