Saturday, August 28, 2010

YouTube video: Jerry Reed elimination hand

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Event #6 $1,080 Spread Limit Hold'em - Final Results

1st - Michael Cooper (Pacifica, CA) - $46,140 (includes $10k 2011 WPT Shooting Star Seat)
2nd - Anh Le (San Jose, CA) - $25,140
3rd - Evelyn Iraheto (Tracy, CA) - $12,540
4th - Sharon Helldorfer (Pioneer, CA) - $9,740
5th - Jerry Reed (Palo Alto, CA) - $8,340
6th - Larry Anderson (San Jose, CA) - $6,940
7th - Chris Roat (Mountain View, CA) - $5,540
8th - Marcus Maestre (Santa Clara, CA) - $4,140
9th - Jack Lo (Los Altos, CA) - $2,720
10th - Saad Siddigui (Santa Clara, CA) - $2,460
11th - John Nguyen (San Jose, CA) - $2,320
12th - Dung Pham (San Jose, CA) - $2,320
13th - Phally Ouk (San Jose, CA) - $1,900
14th - Jessica Mendoza (San Mateo, CA) - $1,900
15th - Steve Daw (Hayward, CA) - $1,900
16th - Tim Foster - $1,900
17th - Ted Yong - $1,900
18th - Steve Choy - $1,900
19th - Tho Trinh - $1,080

140 players, $140,000 prize pool

1st Place - Michael Cooper (Pacifica, CA) - $46,140*

* includes $10k 2011 WPT Shooting Star Seat

2nd Place - Anh Le (San Jose, CA) - $25,140

Heads up deal is made

Holding a large chip advantage, Michael Cooper made Anh Le an offer she couldn't refuse.  The payouts were modified so that Michael Cooper will receive $20,620 plus the $10,000 WPT Shooting Star Seat, the trophy, and the title, and Anh Le will receive $28,620 for 2nd place.

3rd Place - Evelyn Iraheto (Tracy, CA) - $12,540

Three remaining make a deal

As soon as Sharon Helldorfer was eliminated, the three remaining players started discussing a deal.  After the numbers were looked at, all three agreed to an even chop, more or less.  3rd and 2nd place will pay $24,600, while 1st place will pay $24,620, the $10,000 WPT Shooting Star Seat, and the trophy.

4th Place - Sharon Helldorfer (Pioneer, CA) - $9,740

YouTube video: Jerry Reed triples up!

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5th Place - Jerry Reed (Palo Alto, CA) - $8,340

Jerry Reed triples up!

Jerry Reed has tripled up when he called all in with [Kh][Jh] and rivered a flush against his two opponents.

Updated 3-handed chip counts at the break

The remaining five players are now on break, and when they return they will be playing 10k/20k blinds.  All of the chips have been colored up to 10,000 denomination chips only.  Here are updated chip counts:

Michael Cooper (Pacifica, CA) - 540,000
Anh Le (San Jose, CA) - 390,000
Evelyn Iraheto (Tracy, CA) - 170,000
Sharon Helldorfer (Pioneer, CA) - 85,000
Jerry Reed (Palo Alto, CA) - 50,000

6th Place - Larry Anderson (San Jose, CA) - $6,940

7th Place - Chris Roat (Mountain View, CA) - $5,540

Cooper doubles through Roat

Action folded to the Chris Roat in the small blind, who limped.  Michael Cooper raised from the big blind, and then Roat put in a reraise to put Cooper all in.  He decided to call, and the hands were tabled:

Roat - [Kh][Qs]
Cooper - [Kd][3d]

Roat was unlucky when the board came [4c][5h][6s][7d][Js] as Cooper turned a straight to escape elimination.

Photo: Event #6 trophy (with final table in background)

8th - Marcus Maestre (Santa Clara, CA) - $4,140

Marcus Maestre has been eliminated in 8th place when his AJ failed to improve against his opponent's 99, all in preflop. Maestre will receive $4,140 for his finish.

9th Place - Jack Lo (Los Altos, CA) - $2,720

Event #6 final table chip counts

The final 9 players are now on break.  When they return, they will be playing 5k/10k blinds.  Here are names and chip counts for all of the final table participants:

Seat 1 - Evelyn Iraheto (Tracy, CA) - 280,000
Seat 2 - Jerry Reed (Palo Alto, CA) - 90,000
Seat 3 - Chris Roat (Mountain View, CA) - 126,000
Seat 4 - Marcus Maestre (Santa Clara, CA) - 125,000
Seat 5 - Michael Cooper (Pacifica, CA) - 160,000
Seat 6 - Sharon Helldorfer (Pioneer, CA) - 85,000
Seat 7 - Anh Le (San Jose, CA) - 265,000
Seat 8 - Larry Anderson (San Jose, CA) - 195,000
Seat 9 - Jack Lo (Los Altos, CA) - 70,000

Event #6 has reached its final table!

With the elimination of Saad Siddigui in 10th place ($2,460), we have reached our final table of 9.  The players are taking a five minute break and then will resume 4k/8k blinds for another 31 minutes.  Here are the recent eliminations that got us to the final table:

10th - Saad Siddigui (Santa Clara, CA) - $2,460
11th - John Nguyen (San Jose, CA) - $2,320
12th - Dung Pham (San Jose, CA) - $2,320

Recent eliminations: Ouk, Mendoza, Dow

There are now 12 players remaining, and all players are now guaranteed $2,320.  Here are the recent eliminations:

13th - Phally Ouk (San Jose, CA) - $1,900
14th - Jessica Mendoza (San Mateo, CA) - $1,900
15th - Steve Dow (Hayward, CA) - $1,900

YouTube video: Marcus Maestra doubles up with kings vs. queens

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Recent eliminations: Foster, Yong, Choy, Trinh

Once the deal was struck, our first four eliminations were fast and furious.  Here are the recent finishers:

16th - Tim Foster - $1,900
17th - Ted Yong - $1,900
18th - Steve Choy - $1,900
19th - Tho Trinh - $1,080

We are now in the money.

The 19 remaining players have agreed to a deal.  19th place will now get their money back, which is $1,080.  Because of this deal, all of the 18 remaining payouts will be adjusted down $60.

Marcus Maestra doubles up with kings vs. queens

Marcus Maestra's opponent moved all in preflop, having Maestra covered.  After some commotion and a long tank from Maestra, he finally called, revealing [Kc][Kd].  He was pleased to learn his opponent did not have aces when he tabled [Qh][Qd].  Maestra's kings held up through a board of [Jc][4s][5d][3c][4d], and his opponent was crippled.

On the next hand, Maestra had the same opponent all in, this time with the worst hand.  Maestra's pocket fours could not outrun his opponent's pocket eights.  Maestra lost only 14,000 back in that hand, and currently sits at

Event #6, now with 45 minute levels!

Players are back from break and are now playing 2k/4k blinds.  Previously, the field was playing 30 minute levels, but now that they're down to 27 players, the levels will be 45 minutes each.  There is a strong female contingent left, as five of the remaining 27 are females.

Photo: players redrawing for seats

27 players left, redrawing for seats

With the elimination of our 28th place finisher, we are down to 27 players left.  The tournament staff are now redrawing seats, and the top 18 will make the money.  There is still seven minutes left in level 10, which is 1500/3k blinds.

YouTube video: Anh Le makes a royal flush

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Anh Le makes a royal flush

Anh Le held [Qs][Js] when she got her opponent all in with his [3s][3c] on a [4s][Ks][Ts][3d] board.  Le just needed the board to not pair to eliminate her opponent, and the [As] on the river gave Le a royal flush to eliminate her opponent and give her the chip lead in the tournament.  She now sits on 142,000, and there are 46 players left in the field.

YouTube video: Pat Lyons: "That's why I'm the best."

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Players on break, Wong is chip leader

Players are now on their second break of the day, and the tournament staff is coloring up the 100 chips. When they return, the field will be playing 500/1k blinds.

We have located our chip leader, Dave Wong, who sits on a stack of around 95,000. The second biggest stack in the tournament looks to be around 75,000, so Wong is well in front. With 68 players remaining, though, anything can happen.

YouTube video: Matt Savage and Pat Lyons (part 2)

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YouTube video: Greg Sessler exit interview

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Event #6 prizepool & payouts

140 players entered today's $1,080 Spread Limit Hold'em tournament, creating a $140,000 prize pool. The payouts will be as follows:

1st - $46,200 (includes $10k 2011 WPT Shooting Star Seat)
2nd - $25,200
3rd - $12,600
4th - $9,800
5th - $8,400
6th - $7,000
7th - $5,600
8th - $4,200
9th - $2,800
10th - $2,520
11th-12th - $2,380
13th-15th - $1,960
16th-18th - $1,680

Players are now on break

When the tournament began, there were 110 entrants. But the tournament staff has been seating late registrants for the last hour and a half, and that number is now at 139. This is the last chance for players to register for the tournament, which means that the prize pool and payouts will be posted shortly. All remaining players are now on their first break of the day as the tournament staff races off the 25 chips. When the field returns, they will be playing 200/400 blinds.

Event #6 cards in the air

It's 9am on a Saturday, and 110 players have joined us for Event #6 $1,080 Spread Limit Hold'em. Players start with 10,000 in chips, and blinds start at 50/100. Shuffle up and deal!