Thursday, March 17, 2011

Redraw at 18 players

With the elimination of Zach Clark in 19th place, the clock has been paused as the players are now redrawing for seats at the final 3 tables.  The tournament staff are now introducing a purple 25,000 chip now that the players have found their new seats.  When the players return, there will be 1 minute and 6 seconds left in 4k/8k blinds with a 1k ante before moving to 5k/10k.  Here are the new table draws:

Featured Table
Seat 1: Noah Lathrop
Seat 2: Steven Kelly
Seat 3: Galen Hall
Seat 4: Kathy Liebert
Seat 5: Mark Dickstein
Seat 6: Kevin MacPhee

Second Featured Table
Seat 1: Ben Hamnett
Seat 2: Chris Trapani
Seat 3: Casey McCarrel
Seat 4: Mike Matusow
Seat 5: Danny Nguyen
Seat 6: Joris Springael

Outer Table
Seat 1: Vivek Rajkumar
Seat 2: Alan Sternberg
Seat 3: Brian Schmidt
Seat 4: Mike Sexton
Seat 5: Andrew Weisner
Seat 6: Ty Reiman