Friday, March 18, 2011

Photos from last night

Mike Matusow eliminates Ty Reiman in 7th place

Joris Springael was eliminated in 10th place

Mike Sexton gets a sweat by co-host Vince Van Patten

Vivek Rajkumar with his colorful jacket... and expression

Chris Trapani's ride comes to an end in 12th by the hands of Mike Matusow

Casey McCarrel shows some rare emotion


In what is probably a first on U.S. soil, the WPT and tournament director Matt Savage have decided not to have 100k chips in this poker tournament.  In their place, there are 100k plaques, which are more common in Europe.  The players have been enjoying putting these plaques into play since the end of Day 3.

Audio commentary now running

After a slight delay, the final table is now playing, and short stack Mike Sexton has moved in a couple of times without being called.  We can't bring you a live video stream as it is being taped for television, but we are providing an audio-only commentary stream featured Rob @veeRob Perelman and Sam "SkinnnyTD" Quinto.  Tune in by heading over to

YouTube video: Ty Reiman eliminated by Mike Matusow

Ty Reiman is eliminated by Mike Matusow when Reiman's pocket tens ran into Matusow's pocket queens at the 2011 Bay 101 Shooting Stars tournament. Ty got 7th and just missed the TV final table.

Click here to view the video in HD