Saturday, March 19, 2011

Winner: Alan Sternberg

When heads up play began, Alan Sternberg and Steven Kelly were almost equal in chips.  But at the end of the night, Alan emerged victorious after hitting a 2 outer on the river.  Allen will collect the first place prize of $1,013,500 plus a $25,500 WPT seat, while Steven will collect $595,300 for his second place finish.

Allen Sternberg eyes his opponent during heads up play

Alan Sternberg and Steven Kelly get ready for heads up play

Photos from the final table (part 2)

Mike Matusow congratulates Mike Sexton on his finish

Casey McCarrel can't hide from his elimination

 Vivek Rajkumar takes an iPhone picture of his quad queens

Photos from the final table (part 1)

Final table participants

Tony Dunst handles co-hosting duties with Vince Van Patten in Mike Sexton's absense

The Royal Flush Girls join the final table

Tournament director Matt Savage emceeing the final table

Phil Hellmuth and Sam Chauhan talk with Mike Matusow on a break