Monday, March 5, 2012

$2k Down to 3 Players

While the $10k Shooting Star Tournament plays on, the $2k Final Table is also playing and is down to 3 opponents: Fae Saeteune, Jake Solis, and Ngoc "Joey" Bui. All three are now guaranteed a seat in tomorrow's $10k Shooting Star Tournament, and will now play for the $155,060 first place prize. Here are the 4th through 9th place finishers:

4th Place: Toko Luu ($47,830)
5th Place: Baltazar Villa ($38,880)
6th Place: Danny Qutami ($29,830)
7th Place: Michael Aron ($23,860)
8th Place: Tahir Ahmad ($17,900)
9th Place: Brandon Crawford ($11,930)