Thursday, March 8, 2012

The TV Bubble Hand of the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star!

With seven players remaining and the top six moving on to the televised World Poker Final Table, the final elimination takes place at the Bay 101 Shooting Star.

7th Place: Amir Khaziri ($64,000)

Amir Khaziri was all in preflop holding the [Ad][Kd] against the [9d][9c] of Moon Kim.  The board ran out [Th][4s][8s][6d][6s], sending Amir to the rail in 7th place for $64,000, and allowing the remaining six players to make the TV final table.  Video of the hand will be posted shortly.

Blinds are up to 10,000/20,000 with a 3,000 ante

Chip counts at break

Here are updated chip counts going into 10,000/20,000 blinds with a 3,000 ante:

Seat 1: Joe Elpayaa - 1,308,000
Seat 2: Amir Khaziri - 418,000
Seat 3: Joe Serock - 789,000
Seat 4: Moon Kim - 1,954,000
Seat 5: Ubaid Habib - 1,697,000
Seat 6: Erik Cajelais - 3,725,000
Seat 7: Andrew Badecker - 990,000

Players are now on break

Live video stream with commentary

We are now streaming the unofficial final table with commentary by Jay Newnum.  Tune in by heading over to

Blinds are up to 8,000/16,000 with a 1,000 ante

Players are now on break

Photos from Day 3

Here's a few photos from Day 3 of the $10k WPT Shooting Star:

Marko Trapani, Jr. shakes Ubaid Habib's hand after being eliminated in 10th place

Jonathan Duhamel, the last Shooting Star, was eliminated in 13th place

JC Tran was the first bounty eliminated in 16th place

The day started with 20 players but quickly the field shrunk to 18

YouTube video: Marko Trapani, Jr. Eliminated

Marko Trapani, Jr. is eliminated from the Bay 101 Shooting Star event in 10th place, besting his brothers 12th place finish last year.

YouTube video: Moon Kim doubles through Amir Khaziri

With only eight players remaining, Moon Kim gets a huge double up against Amir Khaziri at the World Poker Tour Bay 101 Shooting Star.

Unofficial Final Table Reached!

We have reached the unofficial final table of 7 players.  Here are their seating assignments and approximate chip counts:

Seat 1: Joe Elpayaa - 1,900,000

Seat 2: Amir Khaziri - 520,000

Seat 3: Joe Serock - 975,000

Seat 4: Moon Kim - 2,070,000

Seat 5: Ubaid Habib - 1,650,000

Seat 6: Erik Cajelais - 2,720,000

Seat 7: Andrew Badecker - 1,400,000

8th Place: Scott Baumstein ($64,000)

Scott Baumstein was all in on a J-T-x-T board holding Q-J, but was out-turned by Erik Cajelais's A-T.  The river did not deliver the miracle two outer for Scott, and he will exit this tournament in 8th place, good for $64,000.

The remaining seven players are now redrawing for seats at the unofficial final table.  They will play until they lose one more player, and then play will be complete for the day.  The final table will return tomorrow at 4pm to play on the World Poker Tour TV table.

Moon Kim doubles through Amir Khaziri

Moon Kim was all in on a [Ac][5s][8c] flop holding [As][7h] against the [Qc][5c] of Amir Khaziri.  Amir had 14 outs to beat Moon and was a slight favorite to win the hand.  The turn [Qs] brought an explosion from the rail as Amir took the lead with two pair, leaving Moon to draw to his 8 outer for a better two pair or trips.  In a classic suck-resuck, the [7d] hit the river, earning Moon the double up and leaving Amir with under a million in chips.

9th Place: Mike McClain ($41,600)

Mike McClain has been eliminated in 9th place.  He will earn $41,600 for his efforts, and the final 8 players are guaranteed a $64,000 payday.

10th Place: Marko Trapani, Jr. ($41,600)

Marko Trapani, Jr. has been eliminated in 10th place when his [Qc][Jh] failed to improve against the [As][Th] of Ubaid Habib.  Marko was drawing live to a pair when the flop fell [4h][5c][9h], and he even picked up a flush draw when the turn came [5h].  But it was not to be, as the [9c] hit the river.  Ubaid's ace high won the pot, and Marko was sent to the cage to collect his $41,600.

Marko placed two spots higher than his brother Chris's finish in the 2011 WPT Shooting Star.

11th Place: Brandon Wong, 12th Place: Tu Dinh

We are now down to the final 10 players as Brandon Wong was eliminated in 11th place and Tu Dinh was eliminated in 12th place.  They will each earn $32,030 while the rest of the field is guaranteed at least a $41,600 payday.

11th Place: Brandon Wong

12th Place: Tu Dinh

Brandon Wong doubles through Erik Cajelais

Brandon Wong was all in preflop holding [Kc][9c] against the pocket sevens of Erik Cajelais.  The flop came king high with two clubs, putting Brandon way in front.  The turn was the [7c], completing the flush for Brandon but giving Erik a full house draw.  The river [Jh] failed to pair the board, however, so Brandon will double up.  He is still the short stack in the tournament.

Blinds are up to 6,000/12,000 with a 1,000 ante

Players are now on break

YouTube video: Marko Trapani, Jr. Doubles Up on Day 3

A short stacked Marko Trapani, Jr. doubles up with only 11 players remaining in the event that his father made famous, the Bay 101 Shooting Star.

Meet our live stream featured table

With the redraw at 12 players, we have a new set of players on our featured table.  You can watch the live feed by going to  Here are the players:

Seat 1: Amir Khaziri

Seat 2: Joe Serock

Seat 3: Ubaid Habib

Seat 4: Moon Kim

Seat 5: Joe Elpayaa

Seat 6: Marko Trapani, Jr.

Our outer table is as follows:

Seat 1: Mike McClain

Seat 2: Andrew Badecker

Seat 3: Erik Cajelais

Seat 4: Tu Dinh

Seat 5: Brandon Wong

Seat 6: Scott Baumstein

Jonathan Duhamel has been eliminated, final 12 redraw

Jonathan Duhamel was the last Shooting Star in this field, and he will exit this tournament in 13th place, good for $25,620.

The 12 remaining players have redrawn for seats at two 6-handed tables.  The will continue playing at two tables until they combine for the unofficial 7-handed final table.  Then they will eliminate one more before finishing play for the day, with the final six returning tomorrow at 4pm to play on the World Poker Tour set.

YouTube video: Michael Wywrot Eliminated on Day 3

Michael Wywrot is eliminated by Joe Elpayaa on Day 3 of the Bay 101 Shooting Star.

13th-18th Place Finishers

The following players have been eliminated in 13th to 18th places. They will each earn $25,620 for their efforts. The remaining 12 players are guaranteed a payday of at least $32,030.

13th Place: Jonathan Duhamel

14th Place: Michael Wywrot

15th Place: Danny Le

16th Place: JC Tran

17th Place: Amir Lehavot

18th Place: Adam Geyer

Blinds are up to 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000 ante

Players are now on break

YouTube video: Amir Lehavot Eliminated by Erik Cajelais

Despite getting all-in before the flop with a dominating hand, Amir Lehavot is eliminated by Erik Cajelais on Day 3 of the Bay 101 Shooting Star.

JC Tran has been eliminated

J.C. Tran has been eliminated on Day 3 of the Bay 101 Shooting Star in 16th place for $25,620.

19th-25th Place Finishers

The following players have been eliminated in 19th to 24th places. They will each earn $22,420 for their efforts. The remaining 18 players are guaranteed a payday of at least $25,620.

19th Place: Taylor Von Kriegenbergh

20th Place: Steve Michaelis

21th Place: Clifford Lee

22th Place: Josh Arieh

23th Place: Men Nguyen

24th Place: Brian Brubaker

YouTube video: Jonathan Duhamel Doubles Up

After being crippled after just a few hands when his AK ran into pocket jacks, Jonathan Duhamel gets back in the game when he doubles up with pocket aces.

Final Three Tables of the #WPT #Bay101 Shooting Star

We are now down to the final 18 players and all players are redrawing for seats at the final three tables.

We are still working on getting the Live Stream up and running.

Jonathan Duhamel Takes a Big Hit Early

Jonathan Duhamel

Jonathan Duhamel just took a big hit to his stack when his A-K could not outrace the pocket jacks of Amir Lehavot.

Duhamel is now sitting on about 280,000

Cards are in the air

Cards are in the air on Day 3 of the $10k WPT Shooting Star Tournament.  20 players remain, and they will be playing two hour levels today until the final table of six is reached.  The blinds start at 4,000/8,000 with a 1,000 ante.

Our live stream is having some technical difficulties, but our staff is working on it and will have it up as soon as possible.  Please bare with us.

Day 3 Chip Counts & Seating Assignments

1 Scott Baumstein 1,301,000 1 4
2 Andrew Badecker 1,106,000 2 3
3 Moon Kim 1,016,000 3 3
4 Joe Elpayaa 861,000 1 6
5 Eric Cajalais 807,000 2 2
6 Jonathan Duhamel 751,000 1 1
7 Taylor Von Kriegenbergh 737,000 2 5
8 Joe Serock 647,000 4 5
9 Mike McClain 537,000 2 4
10 Danny Le 443,000 4 3
11 Amir Lehavot 376,000 1 5
12 Ubaid Habib 365,000 3 6
13 Michael Wywrot 336,000 4 4
14 Adam Geyer 296,000 3 1
15 Brandon Wong 286,000 1 3
16 Steven Michaelis 275,000 3 2
17 Marko Trapani 257,000 2 1
18 Tu Dinh 223,000 4 2
19 JC Tran 145,000 4 6
20 Amir Khaziri 103,000 3 5

Play has completed for the day

With an elimination on the last hand of the night, the tournament concludes with 20 players remaining.  The players will keep their seats and return tomorrow at 12pm PST to play down to the final table of six.  We will have chip counts and seating assignments posted here shortly.

YouTube video: Josh Arieh Eliminated

Josh Arieh is eliminated late on Day 2 of the Bay 101 Shooting Star.

Josh Arieh has been eliminated

Josh Arieh has been eliminated when his [Ac][Jd] failed to crack his opponent's [Qd][Qc].  The board fell [3c][6h][7d][3s][Qh], and Josh Arieh will exit this tournament in 22nd place, good for $22,420.

YouTube video: Men Nguyen Eliminated by Andrew Badecker

Men Nguyen gets all-in with pocket aces against the pocket jacks of Andrew Badecker. Nothing but excitement ensues....

Men Nguyen busted by Andrew Badecker

Men "The Master" Nguyen moved all in preflop against Andrew Badecker. Andrew tanked and finally made the call holding [Jh][Jc], but Men had him crushed with [Ah][Ac]. The flop fell an innocent [3h][7h][2c], and Men asked the dealer to keep it low. The dealer did not oblige and magically peeled off the [Jd], much to Men's chagrin. The river did not deliver the re-suck, and Andrew collected the bounty and brought this field down to 22 players. Andrew now has 1.2 million.