Monday, March 4, 2013

Shooting Star Day 1A Mid-Day Photo Blog.

The bounty t-shirts that are awarded when knocking out a Shooting Star.
Jason Mercier on Day 1A of the Shooting Star.
Tournament Director Matt Savage talks with Faraz Jaka (left) and Chad Brown.
WPT CEO Steve Heller talks with WPT Raw Deal Analyst Tony Dunst in between hands.
Aces vs. aces vs. kings on Day 1A.  The aces chopped the pot.
Phil Hellmuth sends a tweet naming all the top pros at his table.
Jason Mercier talks with the WPT Camera Crew about his eliminator not wanting his Bounty Medallion or t-shirt.
Scotty Nguyen talks with Michael Mizrachi on Day 1A.