Thursday, March 13, 2014

14th Place: Candace Collins ($39,800)

Steve Sung raised the cutoff and Candace Collins 3-bet from the button.  Action folded back to Steve who reraised enough to put Candace all in.  Candace quickly committed the rest of her short stack.

Candace [6s][6c]
Steve [As][Ac]

Candace had many supporters on the rail, and they were rooting for a six before the flop.  Those fans were also calling for an eight after the [9c][Tc][7d] flop, and the [Th] didn't change Candace's outs.  When the [2d] hit the river, Candace pounded the table and shook Steve's hand.  The room applauded after it was announced that Candace was our 14th place finisher.  She will collect $39,800 for her efforts.