Saturday, March 15, 2014

1st Place: James Carroll ($1,256,550)

Dylan Wilkerson raised preflop and James Carroll made the call.  The two see a [9c][4h][2s] flop, and James check raises Dylan's bet.  Dylan makes the call, and the turn comes the [2c].  After James checks, Dylan moves all in for more than a pot sized bet.  James thinks for less than a minute and makes the call.

Dylan [Ah][5c]
James [6s][4d]

It's a great call for James as his second pair is good against Dylan's ace high.  If his hand holds up, James will be the next World Poker Tour champion.

The [Qh] hits the river, which means James and his pair of fours win the pot, the tournament, and the title.  James takes home $1,256,550 including his WPT Championship Seat.

Congratulations, James!