Friday, March 14, 2014

4th Place: Mukul Pahuja ($320,800)

Mukul Pahuja is all in with a dominating [Ah][Qd] against Dylan Wilkerson's [Qc][Ts].  Mukul had been unlucky earlier in this final table, so if he could avoid being unlucky again, he would double up to over 3 million.  But Lady Luck was not on his side, as the [As][Kd][Js] gave Dylan an unbeatable straight.  Mukul could only chop with a ten, and the turn came the [8h].  With only one more shot at staying alive, the river fell the [7h], and Mukul slowly left the table as our 4th place finish.  Mukul collects a $320,800 payday for his efforts.