Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Barry Greenstein and Daniel Negreanu have been eliminated

Barry Greenstein was all in with [9c][8c] vs. his opponent's [Js][Td] on a [7h][9s][Ks][8h] board.  Barry had two pair but would need to fill up as his opponent had the nut straight.  The [Qd] river fell to send Barry to the rail and award the winner his Shooting Star bounty.

Meanwhile, Daniel Negreanu was eliminated after getting all in on a [5s][Ts][7h] flop with [As][7s].  Daniel's opponent flopped two pair with [Tc][7d], but Daniel was still 43% to win with flush and bigger two pair draws.  The [Js] was just what Daniel needed, and he was now a 93% favorite to win as long as a ten or seven didn't hit the river.  But alas, the [7c] popped up on the river to give an improbable elimination.  Daniel was a Shooting Star yesterday but not today, so no bounty was awarded.