Monday, March 10, 2014

Dan Furnival finishes 3rd ($55,200 + $7,500 WPT Shooting Star Main Event seat) in Bay 101 $2,000 Shooting Star Event

2014 Bay 101 $2,000 Shooting Star Event Final Table Breakdown:
Dan Furnival

After playing a well balanced, tight-aggressive, "short-stacked ninja" type of game throughout the tournament, including the final table, Dan had won the majority of this showdown hands in order to outlast 297 of the other players. Finally as the shortest of the remaining three players his deep run would end as he moved-in from the small blind and was called by Joe Kuether in the big blind!

Furnival: [Ks][9d]
Kuether: [Ah][Kd]

It was a phenomenal run for Dan Furnival as the board ran out: [Qs][6c][2d][Js][3h] and Ace-King high proved enough to send The Lord out of the tournament in 3rd place for his largest cash to date: $55,200 + The 2014 Bay 101 $7,500 World Poker Tour (WPT) Shooting Star Main Event seat!