Monday, March 10, 2014

David Peters finishes 9th ($10,260) at 2014 Bay 101 $2,000 Shooting Star Event

2014 Bay 101 $2,000 Shooting Star Event Final Table Breakdown: 
David Peters

All-in pre-flop David Peters moved in and was called by Kevin O'Donnell, Peters was at risk. 

Peters: [6d][6s] 

O'Donnell: [Jh][9h] 

It was a pure flip 50/50 pre-flop. The board ran out: [Jc][8h][2s][4c][8c].  

Unfortunately for Peters his run at the final table and this tournament ended with a toss of a coin. The silver lining is that he had outlasted 290 other top players and won $10,260 for his 9th place finish.