Monday, March 10, 2014

David Fong finishes 6th ($25,080) 2014 Bay 101 $2,000 Shooting Stars Event

2014 Bay 101 $2,000 Shooting Star Event Final Table Breakdown:
David Fong

There was a raise on the button by Joe Keuther. It folds to the big blind of David Fong who move's in and is called by Joe, putting David at risk.

Fong: [Qh][Td]
Keuther: [Kd][6d]

The flop was the world for David: [Qs][4c][3s]. The turn was safe for him as well: [As], but the river was an absolute disaster when the [Kh] hit the river! The end for David Fong came in the form of 6th place for $25,080!