Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dylan Wilkerson vaults into the chip lead

Dylan with his tower of 100k plaques
Dylan Wilkerson started the day somewhat in the middle of the pack, in 13th position out of 36 players remaining.  But in a recent pot, he doubled through former chip leader Steve Sung to take the tournament chip lead.

Dylan and Steve got into a raising war that saw Dylan six-bet shove and Steve snap call.  It was a classic flip with Dylan's [Ac][Ks] vs. Steve's [Ts][Tc].  If Steve's tens would hold, we'd be at the unofficial final table.  If Dylan's ace king outraced the tens, Dylan would be the new chip leader.

The crowd made a lot of noise when the flop fell [As][2s][7d], and Steve's supporters rooted for a ten to hit the turn.  The [7h] kept Dylan in the lead, as did the [5h] river.  Dylan's chip were counted, and it was a massive pot as he had just over 3 million.  Steve paid off the bet and was still left over 1.5 million, but still not the result Steve was hoping for.