Monday, March 10, 2014

Pat Lyons eliminated on the final table bubble

11th Place: Pat Lyons
With the elimination of Pat Lyons in 11th place, we have reached the unofficial final table in the Shooting Star $2k.  The remaining 10 players are redrawing for seats and will play until one more player is eliminated, and then they will be done for the night.

Here are the 11th to 18th place finishers:

11th Place: Pat Lyons ($7,980)
12th Place: Guy Hadas ($7,980)
13th Place: Brandon Shane ($6,840)
14th Place: Michael Katz ($6,840)
15th Place: Raymond Tang ($6,840)
16th Place: Jesse Rockowitz ($5,990)
17th Place: Ana Marquez ($5,990)
18th Place: Felipe Leme ($5,990)