Monday, March 10, 2014

George Hatzistratis finishes 5th ($32,490) 2014 Bay 101 $2,000 Shooting Star Event

2014 Bay 101 $2,000 Shooting Star Event Final Table Breakdown:
George Hatzistratis

All-in pre-flop, George Hatzistratis, was at risk when Ronit Chamani called his shove.

Hatzistratis: [4d][4s]
Chamani: [9d][9c]

The flop was almost gin for George: [6d][5d][3d] as he flopped an absolute monster for what each player held, an open-ended straight flush draw! Now any two or any seven would make his hand the winner, along with any four for a set. Unfortunately as all his outs were clean the rest of the board stayed clean for Ronit as she scored the elimination of George Hatzistratis, who finished in 5th for $32,490!