Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Jason Koon has been eliminated

Jason Koon had been grinding a short stack for quite some time, and seemed to be handcuffed as a light shove as a Shooting Star would yield a call.  Jason finally found a hand he could push with in [Ad][Ts].  Darren Elias player reshoved, and after all folded, Jason begged to see pocket nines.  His opponent tabled [Jh][Jd], though, and Jason would need to catch an ace to survive.  The [Kc][Qd][6s] flop gave Jason four more outs to make a straight, but neither the [3s] turn or the [5h] river could save Jason from elimination.  Jason will exit this tournament in 65th place, good for $14,430.

You can watch Jason's elimination below.