Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Andrew Lichtenberger has been eliminated by Will Chao

Local Will Chao moved all in in early position and Andrew Lichtenberger called all in for less.  Jeff Madsen made the call, having both players covered, and the hands were revealed.

Will [3h][3d]
Andrew [Ks][Kh]
Jeff [9h][9c]

The [2s][3c][Jh] flop was huge for Will, giving him a set.  Andrew would need to catch a king to survive, or Jeff would need to catch a nine to knock out two players and add to his million plus stack.  There was paint on the turn, but it was the [Qd], so Andrew had just one more chance to catch up.  The [8d] hit the river, though, and the crowd erupted in support of Will.

Andrew will earn $18,400 for his 52nd place finish.