Monday, March 10, 2014

Phil Hellmuth all in bet is not called

Phil Hellmuth check-called a bet of 800 on a [Ad][8h][4c] flop, and check-called again on the [As] turn, this time for 2,800.  When the [2h] hit the river, Phil checked and saw his opponent bet 7,400.  After a bit of time in the tank, Phil eventually moved all in.  Now it was his opponent's turn to go into the tank, contemplating his decision before eventually folding.

After the hand, Phil showed his hand to Matt Savage, and another player asked to see the cards.  The dealer flipped over Phil's [8s][8c] for a full house.  Phil then chatted with another player, explaining "I told him he was going to be drawing dead."

Watch the video below: