Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Photo: Day 1B Shooting Stars

As is tradition at the Bay 101 Shooting Star, all of the bounties pose for a group photo on the first break of the tournament.  Here are the bounties pictured above:

Back row, left to right:
Will Failla
Mike Matusow
Dan Shak
Ludovic Lacay
Jeff Gross
Dan Smith
Pat Lyons
Ana Marquez
Aaron Massey
Chris Moorman
Maria Ho
Barry Greenstein
Vanessa Selbst
Galen Hall
Joe Serock
Ravi Raghavan
Allen Kessler
Matt Savage (tournament director)

Front row (seated), left to right:
Scott Seiver
Ryan Reiss
Kyle Julius
Jason Mercier
Phil Laak
Jennifer Tilly
Bruce Buffer
Christina Lindley
Jeff Madsen