Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ronit Chamani takes a beat to bust in 61st place

After an early position raise to 20k by David Randall, Ronit Chamani moved all in on the button for 91k, over half of her opponent's stack.  He eventually called with [Qs][Jh], and Ronit was in good shape to double up with her [Jd][Jc].  Ronit flopped top set on the [Js][8h][5c] flop, but the turn and river ran out [Ts][9s] to give David a rivered straight and send Ronit to the payout desk to collect $16,410 for her 61st place finish.

Ronit is one of the few players to cash in both 2014 Shooting Star events as she won the preliminary $2k event late on Monday night.