Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ryan Riess is a beast on the short stack

Ryan Riess's day was going along swimmingly after he won an all in after rivering a straight to beat two opponents, one of whom flopped top set.  But more recently, Ryan ran pocket kings into to pocket aces, and was left with roughly 6,000 chips at 200/400 blinds.

It didn't take him much time to put them to good use.  Ryan moved all in with [9s][9d] and found a call from Dan Heimiller who held [5c][3c].  It looked as if the defending World Series of Poker champ would be out the door after the dealer fanned the [Tc][3h][5h] flop, but Ryan found the [Th] on the turn to counterfit Dan's flopped two pair.  Ryan needed to dodge a three or a five on the river to survive, and the [Td] river gave Ryan an unnecessary full house.

Ryan now sits on approximately 13,000, and he still has plenty of work to do before he is back to an average stack.