Monday, March 10, 2014

Shooting Star $2k Final Table Update

While the Main Event plays on, the Shooting Star $2k is now down to heads up between Joe Keuther and Ronit Chamani.  Here are the results for the rest of the final table:

Kevin O'Donnell finishes in Fourth Place for $43,610 O'Donnell: [Jd][9s] Kuether: [Qc][8d] The flop is just what Kevin was looking for with a pair: [Ac][Kd][9d], but when 4th street came everything "turned" for him as a [Qh] hit, and the insignificant [3d] rivered.

George Hatzistratis finishes 5th for $32,490
All-in pre-flop, George Hatzistratis, was at risk when Ronit Chamani called his shove.
Hatzistratis: [4d][4s]
Chamani: [9d][9c]
The flop was almost gin for George: [6d][5d][3d] turn brick, river brick.

David Fong is eliminated in 6th place ($25,080) when his QT < K6, flopped a Q, King on the river!

Anthony Zinno finishes in 7th place for $19,380
We catch up to the action on a flop of [Jh][9d][8d]
There is a bet by Joe, and a re-raise by Anthony. Joe shoves and Anthony calls!
Keuther: [Qc][9c]
Anthony had flopped bottom two pair, while Joe had initiated an over-bet with middle pair.
Turn: [Qd]
This was the dagger for Zinno as his two pair was bested by a better two pair and the River: [Ac]

Karl Handelsman finishes in 8th place for $14,250 Handelsman: [Jc][8c] Furnival: [As][Qh] The flop came out: [Qd][4h][4s] drawing dead

David Peters finishes in 9th ($10,260) Peters: [6d][6s] O'Donnell: [Jh][9h] It was a pure flip 50/50 pre-flop. The board ran out: [Jc][8h][2s][4c][8c]