Monday, March 10, 2014

Mike Matusow's roller-coaster orbit ends with a bust-out

WARNING: The videos below are long and should only be consumed by the true poker fan.  Also, Mike Matusow is in the video, so expect some cursing.

It all started with a pot in which Mike bet all but 100 of his chips and Ryan D'Angelo called an won, leaving Mike severely crippled.  Ryan was kicking himself for not realizing Mike was all in, and failing to collect his bounty.

On the next hand, Mike was all in with [Kd][Ts] and hit a king to nonuple up (Google it, it's a real word).

Again, on the next hand, Mike was all in with [9c][8c] and again hit top pair in a 3 way pot, and he doubled up.

Mike took a few hands off, but soon got his chips in again on a [Qh][6s][2c] flop in a multiway pot.  After the [3c] turn and [9s] river got checked down, Mike's [Kc][2h] could not beat Ryan D'Angelo's [As][9d].  Ryan will collect the bounty he was destined to, and Mike will head to the re-entry desk.