Sunday, March 2, 2014

Frequently asked questions

WPT Executive Tour Director Matt Savage considers San Jose his home and the Shooting Star event is his favorite.  Here are the frequently.  Here are the most frequently asked questions that blow up his phone on a minute by minute basis...

Q: What is the schedule of play?  When are the dinner breaks?

Day 1A & Day 1B (Mon & Tue): 11am start, ten 1 hour levels, one hour dinner break** at 5:30pm, done at 10:45pm
Day 2 (Wed): 11am start, 90 minute levels, play to 24 players, 6 handed at 36,  one hour dinner break** at 5:30pm
Day 3 (Thu): 12pm start, 90 minute levels, play to Final Table, one hour dinner break** at 6:00pm
Day 4 (Fri): 4pm start for Final Table, 60 minutes levels until heads up, then 30 minute levels

** complimentary dinner buffet for players
*** also, a complimentary breakfast buffet for players is served daily from 9am-12pm

Q: How long can I buy into the Shooting Star Main Event?

You can buy in up until 11am on Wednesday, which is the start of Day 2.  At that point, play will be at level 11, which is 600/1,200 blinds with a 200 ante.  With 30,000 starting chips, this would be 25 big blinds. (Full structure is at

Q: Is the Shooting Star Main Event a re-entry?

The Shooting Star Main Event is a single re-entry event.  You can re-enter any time up until the start of Day 2, as explained above.

Q: Is the Shooting Star Main Event sold out?  Will I be at a late reg table?

No.  As of Sunday afternoon, there are plenty of seats available for both Day 1A and Day 1B.  There will be 25 tables open each day, so once 250 players have entered, any further registrations will be alternates.

Q: What are my hotel options near the Bay 101 Casino?

The closest hotel is the Staybridge Suites, but unfortunately that hotel is sold out.  There is a special players rate of $119/night at the Garden Inn San Jose (0.7mi. from Bay 101).  If you would like to get that rate, please email  As a lower cost option, there is a Motel 6 (0.5mi. from Bay 101) with rooms available for $73.99.

Q: Why does Matt consider this event so unique?

There are many aspects of the Bay 101 Shooting Star that are unique.  At each table, at least one player will be designated a "Shooting Star," and eliminating them from the tournament will earn you $2,500.  As well as that, the chip leader in Day 1A and Day 1B will each earn $10,000.  As well as financial incentives, the Bay 101 Shooting Star goes 6-handed when 36 players remain.

Q: Is there a live stream?

Yes.  You can view a featured table throughout the Shooting star Main Event at  You can chat with other viewers by signing up for an account at

"And by the way, it's a call." -- Matt Savage