Saturday, March 14, 2015

1st Place: Taylor Paur ($1,214,200)

On the 180th and final hand of the 2015 WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star Classic, Taylor Paur raised to 400,000 and Isaac Baron reraised to 1,050,000. Paur called. The flop fell [9s] [7h] [2h], Baron bet 1,050,000 and Paur called again. The [3d] fell on the turn, Baron bet 1,650,000 and Paur called. The [5h] was the river, Baron shoved for just over 3 million and Paur snap-called, tabling [Th] [9h] for a rivered flush.

Baron showed [Ac] [9d] for what was a better kicker with a pair of nines, but the flush on the river means Baron was left to settle for second place.

Paur wins $1,214,200, a seat in the WPT World Championship, a pair of Gold Monster 24K headphones, a Hublot watch and a permanent place on the WPT Champions Cup.

That wraps up the action from Bay 101. Thanks for your continued support of Bay 101 News!

2nd Place: Isaac Baron ($704,200)

Friday, March 13, 2015

3rd Place: Jake Bazeley ($461,470)

Jake Bazeley was sent out in 3rd place by Taylor Paur. Bazeley limped in the small blind for 200,000, Paur raised to 525,000 and Bazeley shoved for 4,625,000. Paur asked for a count and then called with [As] [Ts], which was ahead of Bazeley's [Kc] [7c]. The board ran out [Ah] [2h] [2d] [9c] [Ac] and Paur made a full house to bust Bazeley.

Paur and Isaac Baron have taken a short break while the crew sets up for their heads-up match.

Taylor Paur - 14,450,000
Isaac Baron - 6,775,000

Updated chip counts at break

Players are now on break.  Here are updated chip counts going into 75,000/150,000 with a 25,000 ante.

Taylor Paur  -  10,455,000
Jake Bazeley  -  5,490,000
Isaac Baron  -  5,270,000

4th Place: Sorel Mizzi ($310,060)

Sorel Mizzi has been eliminated in 4th place when his [Ad][Jh] failed to improve against Taylor Paur's [5h][5d].  The board ran out [Qh][3d][2d][Qc][5s] and our last Shooting Star will be sent to the rail.  Sorel will collect $310,060 for his efforts.

YouTube: 9th place finisher Ron Lewis chats with @SavagePoker

End of level 30 chip counts

Isaac Baron emerged as the new chip leader
Level 30 has complete, and we are still four handed.  Here are updated chip counts as we go to 60,000/120,000 with a 20,000 ante:

Isaac Baron - 7,700,000
Taylor Paur - 6,900,000
Jacob Bazeley - 3,900,000
Sorel Mizzi - 2,600,000

Updated chip counts at the break

Chip leader Taylor Paur
Level 29 has complete and players are now on a break.  Here are updated chip counts:

Taylor Paur - 9,900,000
Jake Bazeley - 5,000,000
Isaac Baron - 4,400,000
Sorel Mizzi - 1,900,000

5th Place: Faraz Jaka ($216,320)

Faraz Jaka has been eliminated in 5th place when his [4s][4c] ran into Jacob Bazaley's [Td][Tc].  Faraz failed to catch a four, and he will exit this tournament in 5th place, good for $216.320.

Sorel Mizzi is the last remaining Shooting Star in this tournament.

6th Place: Ravee Mathi ($168,260)

On a [Js][6d][5c][6s][5h] board, Ravee Mathi raised all in after Taylor Paur bet.  Taylor made the call and had Ravee's [Ah][8s] beat with his [8c][5d].  Ravee will exit this tournament in 6th place, good for $168,260.

Behind the scenes at the final table

The final table
Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten film their introductions
The Royal Flush girls

YouTube Video: @Kevmath stops by the Bay 101 WPT Final Table

YouTube Video: 2015 Bay 101 Shooting Star Day 3 (Part 2)

YouTube Video: 2015 Bay 101 Shooting Star Day 3 (Part 1)

Play will begin shortly

The audience has filled up the WPT set and the players are about to be introduced.  Play will resume at 20,000/40,000 with a 5,000 ante. For hand for hand updates, please click on WPT Live Updates at the top of the page.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

2015 Bay 101 $7,500 Shooting Star Final Table Chip Counts

2015 BAY 101 $7,500 SHOOTING STAR
19TH ANNUAL - MARCH 9-13, 2015
Final Table Chip Counts & Seating Assignments

* 20:17 left in Level 26 (20,000/40,000 with a 5,000 ante)


7th Place: Eric Werner ($129,800)

As sometimes happens in poker, the hand that eliminated Eric Werner wasn't the deciding factor in his tournament life.

While still playing on two four-handed tables, Eric moved all in from the small blind with [Ks][5h] and was called by Ravee Mathi holding [6s][6c]. Ravee begged the dealer for his hand to hold up, but the [Js][Td][Tc] gave Eric a lot of outs. The [Ac] on the turn gave Eric even more outs, as he picked up a gutshot to go with his overcard and counterfit outs. When the [Ts] hit the river, Ravee pumped his fist twice to celebrate his double up.

The stacks were counted down and Ravee had Eric covered by only 70,000, less than two big blinds. Eric found a doubleup before Imad Allahham busted on the other table in 8th place. When the tables combined, Eric was eliminated on the first hand in a four-handed pot, eventually won by Jacob Bazeley.

8th Place: Imad Allahham ($96,160)

On a [6h][8h][Qd][6d] board, Isaac Baron check raised Imad Allahham.  Action was back on Imad who moved all in, and Isaac made the call.

Imad [4s][4c]
Isaac [8s][6s]

Imad was drawing dead and would be eliminated on this hand in 8th place.  Even more unfortunate for him, Eric Werner had just been crippled on the other table and only had a handful of blinds.

Faraz Jaka doubles through Ravee Mathi

Faraz Jaka was all in preflop holding [Ah][Ac] and needed to hold against Ravee Mathi's [9s][9c].  The [4h][6h][3h] was a great flop Faraz, leaving Ravee drawing to just the [9d].  The [4d] turn was a blank, as was the [4s] river.  Faraz's stack was counted down to 1,420,000, so he now sits on just under 3 million.  Ravee was left with around 10 big blinds after paying off the allin.

9th Place: Ron Lewis ($67,320)

On a [Ah][3d][3h] flop, Isaac Baron check-raised enough to put Ron Lewis all in.  Ron said, "I'm ****ed but I have to call" and did exactly that.  Isaac tabled [Th][8h] for a flush draw, and Ron showed [Kh][Kd].  The dealer put out the [4s] on the turn, and Ron begged for a king on the river.  

Jacob Bazeley makes quads on the feature table

There was a full house on board as it read [Ts][5d][5c][Tc][5h], and Imad Allahham checked to Jacob Bazeley.  Jacob bet 200,000 which Imad quickly called.  Jacob tabled the unlikely [Td][5s] for a flopped full house that turned into quads on the river.  Jacob will take that pot and pad his stack to approximately 2,700,000.

Ravee Mathi gets some back from Taylor Paur

Taylor Paur opened the cutoff before Ravee Mathi moved all in from the small blind.  Action folded back to Taylor, and he reluctantly made the call.

Ravee [As][7s]
Taylor [Ac][5c]

It was a good flop for Ravee as it fell [9h][8d][Th].  The [3h] on the turn changed nothing, leaving Taylor drawing to a five.  The river fell the [4c] and Ravee pumped his fist in excitement, doubling up to over a million.

$25k High Roller Final Results

2015 BAY 101 $25,000 SHOOTING STAR
20 ENTRIES / $490,000 PRIZE POOL

1st Place: Anthony Zinno ($197,758)
2nd Place: Paul Volpe ($194,242)
3rd Place: Pratyush Buddiga ($98,000)

$25k High Roller is in the money

Jonathan Jaffe has been eliminated in 4th place, leaving the final 3 players in the money. Here are their chip counts:

Paul Volpe - 430,000
Anthony Zinno - 385,000
Pratyush Buddiga- 175,000

Ravee Mathi attempts a big bluff on Taylor Paur

On a [7h][Ah][7c][2d][Qs] board, Taylor Paur checked to Ravee Mathi, who eventually put out a bet of 900,000 into an already swelling pot.  Taylor took his time in thinking through the hand, and eventually settled on a call.  Ravee reluctantly turned over [Ts][4d] for complete air, and Taylor took down a massive pot with his [Ad][Kd].

10th Place: Quan Tran ($48,060)

On a [7c][6h][2d][Jh], Quan Tran and Ron Lewis were all in.  Quan had top pair, top kicker with his [As][Jc], but Ron had slowplayed his [Ad][Ac] and was in great shape to win the pot.  The dealer put down the [5c] river, and the stacks were counted down.  Ron had Quan only slightly outchipped, and Quan will be our 10th place finisher, taking home $48,060.

$25k High Roller Update

As the Main Event is on dinner break, we checked in with the $25k High Roller. As we walked up to count chips, Dan Smith and Jonathan Jaffe were all in on a [8d][3s][5d][6hy board. Dan held [Td][Tc] against Jonathan's [As][7h]. The river fell [4h] to complete Jonathan's straight draw, and he will double up to take the chip lead, while simultaneously crippling Dan Smith. He was eliminated a few hands later.

Here are the chip counts for the remaining four players:

Jonathan Jaffe - 300,000
Paul Volpe - 275,000
Anthony Zinno - 233,000
Pratyush Buddiga - 175,000

Players are now on dinner break

Eric Werner has the chip lead going into dinner break
The final 10 players are now on a one hour dinner break.  Play will resume at approximately 6:45pm PST, and the blinds will be 12,000/24,000 with a 4,000 ante.

Ron Lewis doubles through Isaac Baron

On a [9s][Js][4h] flop, Ron Lewis was all in holding [Ah][Jh] and was up against the [Ks][Kc] of Isaac Baron.  Ron was on his feat rooting for a jack, but instead the [As] hit the turn.  Ron made two pair, but needed to dodge a spade on the river to survive.  When the river fell [5d], Ron raised his arms in the air and celebrated his double up with the local crowd.  Ron now sits on approximately 830,000.

11th Place: Justin Kindred ($48,060)

12th Place: Ryan Julius ($48,060)

13th Place: Haixia Zhang ($38,450)

14th Place: Giacomo Fundaro ($38,450)

Players are on their first break, $25k High Roller Update

The main event is now on their first break of the day. 14 players remain and they will be playing down to the final 6.

Meanwhile, the $25k High Roller has just reached the final table. Only the top 3 players are in the money, so the money bubble still looms. Here and chip counts and seating assignments:

Seat 1: Paul Volpe - 273,500
Seat 2: Dan Smith - 223,500
Seat 3: Anthony Zinno - 75,600
Seat 4: Pratyush Buddiga - 194,000
Seat 5: Jonathan Jaffe - 124,000
Seat 6: Jason Koon - 108,000
Seat 7: Jake Schindler - 30,500

Here are the payouts:

1st: $235,000
2nd: $156,000
3rd: $98,000

15th Place: Byron Kaverman ($38,450)

16th Place: Ari Engel ($32,680)

17th Place: Barry Hutter ($32,680)

Faraz Jaka doubles through Ari Engel

Faraz Jaka was all in with [Qd][Qc] against Ari Engel's [Ac][Tc].  The [Jh][Kd][5d] flop kept Faraz in front, but Ari had five outs to win.  The [7d] on the turn took away an out for Ari as the [Ad] would make Faraz a flush.  Amazingly, that's just the card that hit the river.  The crowd erupted, thinking Ari had won, but Faraz pointed at the board as both he and Ari knew that Faraz would double up for at least the third time today.

18th Place: Chris Moorman ($32,680)

Recent eliminations: 19th-27th Place: $28,360

Isaac Baaron (right) hits a runner-runner flush to eliminate Shawn Buchanan (left)
19th Place: Toby Lewis
20th Place: Shawn Buchanan
21st Place: Michael Loncar
22nd Place: Chane Kampanatsanyakorn
23rd Place: Ki Nam
24th Place: Mike McClain
25th Place: Oliver Price
26th Place: Ted Bui
27th Place: Steve Brecher

Recent eliminations: 28th-36th Place ($24,030)

Garrett Greer has been eliminated in 28th place when his [Ad][Tc] failed to improve against his opponent's [Ah][Kd].  Garrett will collect $24,030, along with the follow other recent eliminations:

29th Place: Paul Richardson
30th Place: Abraham Aboukhalil
31st Place: Tom Dobrilovic
32nd Place: Griffin Paul
33rd Place: Danny Wong
34th Place: Kuman Sapadam
35th Place: Gordon Vayo
36th Place: David Miscikowski

YouTube Video: Bay 101 Shooting Star Day 2 (Part 2)

Bay 101 $7,500 Shooting Star Day 3 Chip Counts & Seating Assignments (by table/seat)

2015 BAY 101 $7,500 SHOOTING STAR
19TH ANNUAL — MARCH 9-13, 2015
Day 3 Chip Counts & Seating Assignments (by table/seat)

*Play resumes at 12pm PST / 33:48 left in Level 20 (5k/10k blinds w/1k ante)


Bay 101 $7,500 Shooting Star Day 3 Chip Counts & Seating Assignments (by chips)

2015 BAY 101 $7,500 SHOOTING STAR
19TH ANNUAL - MARCH 9-13, 2015
Day 3 Chip Counts & Seating Assignments

*Play resumes at 12pm PST / 33:48 left in Level 20 (5k/10k blinds w/1k ante)


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

$25k High Roller Prize Pool & Payouts

The $25k High Roller received 20 entries, creating a $490,000 prize pool.  The top 3 players will be in the money.  Here are the payouts:

1st: $235,000
2nd: $156,000
3rd: $98,000

Recent eliminations: 46th-54th Place ($17,780)

46th Place: Justin Young
47th Place: Dan O'Brien
48th Place: Matt Affleck
49th Place: Gal Yifrach
50th Place: Jordan Cristos
51st Place: Brian Rast
52nd Place: Carlos Mortensen
53rd Place: Charles Coultas
54th Place: Thien Tran

$25k High Roller Update

Registration has closed for the $25k High Roller, and we are awaiting an official number of entrants and payouts.  In the meantime, here are are chip counts for most of the field:

Paul Volpe: 194,000
Jason Koon: 111,200
Dan Smith: 77,500
Nick Shulman: 74,000
David Sands: 63,500
Andrew Lichtenberger: 54,200
Brian Rast: 52,600
Igor Kurganov: 52,400
Jonathan Jaffe: 50,400
Dan Heimiller: 24,300

Dan O'Brien has been eliminated

Dan O'Brien was all in from the small blind holding [7h][7c] but ran into the [9h][9d] of Toby Lewis.  Dan could not find a seven on the [4h][Tc][5s][Jh][8d] board, and he will be eliminated in 47th place.  Dan will collect $17,780 for his efforts.

Recent eliminations: 55th-63rd Place ($15,860)

55th Place: Darrell Ticehurst
56th Place: Robert Tepper
57th Place: David Erisman
58th Place: Richard Geyer
59th Place: Saurabh Patel
60th Place: Ravi Raghavan
61st Place: Mirsed Arap
62nd Place: John Andress
63rd Place: Julie Le

YouTube Video: Bay 101 Shooting Star Day 2 (Part 1)

Recent eliminations: 64th-72nd Place ($13,940)

64th Place: Mike Leah
65th Place: Roy Mok
66th Place: Kane Kalas
67th Place: Daniel Kelly
68th Place: David Randall
69th Place: Thomas Koral
70th Place: Steve Levy
71st Place: Sean Remy
72nd Place: Justo Avalos

The bubble has burst

The bubble has been burst, and all 72 remaining players are in the money and guaranteed at least $13,940.  Here are some tweets from remaining players:

$25k High Roller Update

While the main event plays hand-for-hand, the High Roller continues to play.  So far there have been 17 entries, including one re-entry and one elimination.  Here are pictures of the two tables currently running:

Players are now on dinner break

The 88 remaining players are now on their one hour dinner break.  When they return, blinds will be 2,500/5,000 with a 500 ante.  The top 72 players will be in the money, so the money bubble is looming.

Bryn Kenney has been eliminated by Carlos Mortensen

Shooting Star Bryn Kenney was all in and at risk with [Kh][3h] against Carlos Mortensen's [As][Jh].  The flop fell [3s][Jc][Js], and Carlos's trip jacks meant he had a stranglehold on the hand. When the [8h] hit the turn, Bryn was drawing dead, and Carlos will collect his bounty and bring us another player closer to getting into the money.

YouTube Video: Bay 101 Shooting Star Day 1B (Part 2)

Photos from level 14

Chip leader David Miscikowski
Taylor Paur makes a bet against Mark Dube
Defending champion James Carroll in good spirits
Justin Young
Ryan D'Angelo and Andrew Lichtenberger
Carlos Mortensen checks to Bobby Suer on the river

Eugene Katchalov has been eliminated

On a [2s][Ks][3c] flop, Shooting Star Eugene Katchalov was all in holding [Kc][9c] against his opponent's [As][Ac].  Eugene would need his five outer to survive.  The [6c] on the turn opened up a backdoor flush draw for Eugene, and he was now 30% to win the hand and survive.  The river missed Eugene's draw, however, and he will be sent to the rail with around 150 players remaining.

Photos from the first two levels

Dan O'Brien and Dan Smith play a pot together
Brian Rast
Chance Kornuth
Faraz Jaka takes his seat after his table broke
Igor Kurganov takes down a small pot
Matt Affleck is a serious man
Matt Salsberg
Mike Leah moves all in and busts his opponent
Steve Brecher
Taylor Paur
Kevin Mathers updates his Twitter followers going into the first break