Tuesday, March 10, 2015

$2,100 Down to 3 Players

We last reported on the $2,100 Shooting Star when it was six handed.  Well, the field has now been trimmed to three.  Here were the last three eliminations

4th Place: Nipun Java ($43,170)
5th Place: Derrick Ho ($32,410)
6th Place: Scott Clements ($25,920)

The final three are all guaranteed their seat in the $7,500 Shooting Star event, as well as a cash prize.

When we arrived to count chips, we found Tim West all in against Johnson Liu.  Tim held [9s][9c] against Johnson's [Ah][6d].  The [Qh][6h][4d] kept Tim in front, but Johnson had five outs to beat him plus a backdoor flush draw.  The [9h] meant that Tim would need to fade a non-pair heart on the river, and he did just that as the [Js] landed on the river.

After that hand, here are updated chip counts for the final three:

Tim West - 560,000
Brian Yoon - 1,100,000
Johnson Liu - 1,300,000

Here are the remaining prizes to be played for:

1st Place: $121,710 + $7,500 Shooting Star Seat
2nd Place: $83,180 + $7,500 Shooting Star Seat
3rd Place: $50,820 + $7,500 Shooting Star Seat