Friday, March 13, 2015

3rd Place: Jake Bazeley ($461,470)

Jake Bazeley was sent out in 3rd place by Taylor Paur. Bazeley limped in the small blind for 200,000, Paur raised to 525,000 and Bazeley shoved for 4,625,000. Paur asked for a count and then called with [As] [Ts], which was ahead of Bazeley's [Kc] [7c]. The board ran out [Ah] [2h] [2d] [9c] [Ac] and Paur made a full house to bust Bazeley.

Paur and Isaac Baron have taken a short break while the crew sets up for their heads-up match.

Taylor Paur - 14,450,000
Isaac Baron - 6,775,000