Thursday, March 12, 2015

7th Place: Eric Werner ($129,800)

As sometimes happens in poker, the hand that eliminated Eric Werner wasn't the deciding factor in his tournament life.

While still playing on two four-handed tables, Eric moved all in from the small blind with [Ks][5h] and was called by Ravee Mathi holding [6s][6c]. Ravee begged the dealer for his hand to hold up, but the [Js][Td][Tc] gave Eric a lot of outs. The [Ac] on the turn gave Eric even more outs, as he picked up a gutshot to go with his overcard and counterfit outs. When the [Ts] hit the river, Ravee pumped his fist twice to celebrate his double up.

The stacks were counted down and Ravee had Eric covered by only 70,000, less than two big blinds. Eric found a doubleup before Imad Allahham busted on the other table in 8th place. When the tables combined, Eric was eliminated on the first hand in a four-handed pot, eventually won by Jacob Bazeley.