Monday, March 9, 2015

Dan Shak has been eliminated by Todd Brunson

On a [9d][Th][As] flop, Dan Shak was all in by [Jh][8s] and was up against Todd Brunson's [Ad][Qc].  Dan had an open ended straight draw, but proclaimed, "He's got one of my outs!"  The [5c] fell on the turn, changing nothing, as did the [4h] on the river.  Dan's bounty shirt was handed to him and he said, "I have to sign this for Todd?"  He will be eliminated with just 50 minutes left in Day 1A.

Last break of the night

The 143 remaining players from Day 1A are on their last break of the night.  They will come back and play 600/1,200 blinds with a 200 ante, and then bag up for the night.

The end of day chip leader will win $10,000, so the race is on between the top stacks.  One contender now is Anthony Ajlouny on our feature table.  Shortly after eliminating Erik Seidel, Anthony tripled up with pocket kings vs. jacks vs. nines.  Anthony now sits on around 150,000, which likely puts him in the top 10.

Anthony Ajlouny hits a gutshot to eliminate Erik Seidel

On a [8s][3h][Tc][7s] board, Erik Seidel found himself all in with [Ah][Ac] against Anthony Ajlouny's [Qd][Jc].  Anthony had just a gutshot straight, and he amazingly hit it when the [9d] hit the river.  With his good luck, Anthony will earn a bounty and boost his stack to 47,000.

Joe Serock survives by the skin of his teeth

Shooting Star Joe Serock was all in and behind with [7h][7d] against Mukul Pahuja's [Th][Tc].  As the WPT cameras came to the table, the dealer spread the [5d][9d][6c] flop.  Joe calmly placed his [7d] above the flop, implying he'd like to see an eight on the turn.  Instead, the [Qd] fell, and Matt Savage announced to the crowd that Joe had now picked up a flush draw as well.  When the [4d] hit the river, a surprised Joe counted down his stack of 20,400.  He will double up and survive with 2 levels to go in Day 1A.

Erik Seidel doubles up on the feature table

Erik Seidel was all in on the feature table with [As][4c] against his opponent's [Kd][6c].  The board ran out [5d][5s][Tc][5h][8s] and ace high will be the best hand, earning Erik the double up.

$2,100 Shooting Star Final Results

300 ENTRANTS / $585,000 PRIZE POOL

1Johnson Liu$102,445 + $7,500 Shooting Star Seat 
2Brian Yoon$102,445 + $7,500 Shooting Star Seat
3Tim West$50,820 + $7,500 Shooting Star Seat
4Nipun Java$43,170.00
5Derrick Ho$32,410.00
6Scott Clements$25,920.00
7Allen Hammer$21,530.00
8Michael Glen$17,260.00
9Chris Bonita$12,930.00
10Dominik Nitsche$9,420.00
11Adam Miller$9,420.00
12Mike Jacob$9,420.00
13Nicholas Grippo$7,720.00
14Oliver Price$7,720.00
15Kevin Nguyen$7,720.00
16Raymond Chan$6,610.00
17Andrew Lichtenberger $6,610.00
18Brent Sumja$6,610.00
19Chance Kornuth$5,760.00
20Danny Qutami$5,760.00
21Cornel Roman$5,760.00
22Noah Bronstein$5,150.00
23Darrell Ticehurst$5,150.00
24Tuan Mai$5,150.00
25Tho Tran$4,560.00
26Sakat Batra$4,560.00
27Matt Jensen$4,560.00
28Yanki Koppel$3,980.00
29Marc Kaplan$3,980.00
30Frank Hernandez$3,980.00
31Wes Sage$3,980.00
32Matt Stout$3,980.00
33Sautabh Patel$3,980.00
34David Rudolf$3,980.00
35Peter Shekeloff$3,980.00
36Dan Smith$3,980.00

YouTube Video: Jared Jaffee speaks his mind at Bay 101

YouTube Video: Candace Collins talks satellites at Bay 101

$2,100 Shooting Star Update

Tim West has just busted in 3rd place in the $2,100 Shooting Star event.  Three handed, he ran pocket nines into pocket tens, and lost the rest of his chips with ace-seven vs. king-six.  Tim will earn $50,820 + $7,500 Shooting Star Seat for his 3rd place finish.

We are now heads up between Brian Yoon and Johnson Liu.  Johnson has a healthy lead over Brian with 2.1 million in chips to 900,000.

Cards are back in the air

Dinner break is over and cards are back in the air.  Approximately 216 players remain of the 313 entrants so far in Day 1A, but registration is still open.  Blinds are now 250/500 with a 75 ante.

You can watch our featured table at with Erik Seidel and Mohsin Charania.

$2,100 Down to 6 Players

While the $7,500 Shooting Star Main Event has been going on, the $2,100 Final Table has been playing since 2pm.  Three players have already been eliminated so far:

7th Place: Allen Hammer ($21,530)
8th Place: Michael Gen ($17,260)
9th Place: Chris Bonita ($12,930)

The remaining six are still battling it out, and while we were counting chips, we saw a huge pot get shipped from Scott Clements to Nipun Java when Nipun made a straight with pocket sevens to call Scott's river bluff.  Here are the current chip counts:

Derrick Ho - 460,000
Nipun Java - 560,000
Tim West - 260,000
Brian Yoon - 860,000
Scott Clements - 185,000
Johnson Liu - 547,000

Here are the remaining prizes to be played for:

1st Place: $121,710 + $7,500 Shooting Star Seat
2nd Place: $83,180 + $7,500 Shooting Star Seat
3rd Place: $50,820 + $7,500 Shooting Star Seat
4th Place: $43,170
5th Place: $32,410
6th Place: $25,920

Players are now on dinner break

Players in Day 1A are now on their one hour dinner break. Play will resume at approximately 6:30pm PST.

Dan Shak triples up with kings

Dan Shak was all in preflop with [Ks][Kd] and was up against two other players who held [Ad][Kc] and [Qh][Qc].  Another player said he folded an ace, and from an adjacent table Mohsin Charania said, "He's got this." Predictably, the board ran out [6c][9s][8d][Jh][5s], and Dan will survive with a triple up.

$2,100 Final Table will begin shortly

The final 9 players from the $2,100 Shooting Star event are taking their seats and will begin the final table shortly.  We will bring you occasional coverage of this event as the $7,500 Main Event plays on.

Erik Seidel survives his all in... and misses the group photo!

While the rest of the Shooting Stars were taking a group photo, Erik Seidel was moving all in.  The final board read [5d][9h][2h][Js][6s] and Eric moved all in from the small blind position.  His opponent on the button tanked for about five minutes, eventually prompting Eric to call the clock on him.  Eric's opponent eventually folded, giving him the pot and putting his chip count at roughly 29,000.

Mohsin Charania takes a big hit

Shooting Star Mohsin Charania found himself in a dream scenario on our featured table, picking up [Ah][Ad] against his Paul Nguyen's [Ks][Kc].  The [7s][4s][8c] was only a small threat to Mohsin, giving his opponent a backdoor flush draw.  But the [Kh] smacked on the turn to leave Mohsin drawing to two outs to eliminate his opponent.  When the [9c] fell on the river, Mohsin was forced to ship 25,675 over to Paul.  Mohsin still sticks on a healthy stack of almost 53,000.

Photos from the last 2 levels

Daniel Negreanu is heads up on the river
Antonio Esfandiari
Todd Brunson
Scotty Nguyen
Garrett Greer
Dan Heimiller

Will Failla triples up!

While we like to leave the poker reporting to the excellent WPT Updates, we happened to be in the area when Will Failla tripled up. He was all in preflop against Randy Gill and a third player, and the final board read [6h][9d][Ah][8s][9h], and Will's [Ks][Kc] was in beat Randy's [7c][6c] and the third opponent's [Jc][Th].  Will's bounty is still up for grabs.

Photos from the first two hours

Mike Matusow (right) is introduced by Vince Van Patten and the Royal Flush Girls
Candace Collins
Faraz Jaka
Greg Mueller waits for his seat with Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten

Hiroki Hirada, Randy Gill, and Will Failla
James Carroll, Oliver Price, Maria Ho
Jason Mercier buys in
Liv Boeree
Mark Dube, Matt Affleck, and David Sands
Michael Rocco
Mike Leah, Ryan D'Angelo, David Miscikowski, Randy Lew
Scott Seiver
Vince Van Patten introduces Mohsin Charania

Day 1A is Under Way

Cards are in the air for Day 1A of the $7,500 Shooting Star.  Players have taken their seats and the "Shuffle Up And Deal" has been announced.

Our feature table is streaming live at with Erik Seidel as the Shooting Star.

$2,100 Final Table Chip Counts & Seating Assignments

With the elimination of Dominik Nitsche in 10th place, the final table is set.  The final nine will resume at 4pm tomorrow to play down to an eventual winner.  Here are the official chip counts & seating assignments:

Seat 1: Derrick Ho - 195,000
Seat 2: Java Nipun - 302,000
Seat 3: Tim West - 470,000
Seat 4: Brian Yoon - 552,000
Seat 5: Scott Clements - 504,000
Seat 6: Michael Gen - 57,000
Seat 7: Chris Bonita - 243,000
Seat 8: Allen Hammer - 143,000
Seat 9: Johnson Liu - 534,000

Here are the remaining prizes to be played for:

1st Place: $121,710 + $7,500 Shooting Star Seat
2nd Place: $83,180 + $7,500 Shooting Star Seat
3rd Place: $50,820 + $7,500 Shooting Star Seat
4th Place: $43,170
5th Place: $32,410
6th Place: $25,920
7th Place: $21,530
8th Place: $17,260
9th Place: $12,930

10th Place: Dominik Nitsche ($9,420)

Dominik Nitsche moved all in and the player to his left moved all in over the top. The remaining players folded, and Dominik's pocket sevens were in bad shape against his opponent's pocket queens.  No seven fell to save his tournament life, so Dominick will exit this tournament in 10th place, good for $9,420.

Recent eliminations: 11th-16th

11th Place: Adam Miller ($9,420)
12th Place: Mike Jacob ($9,420)
13th Place: Nicholas Grippo ($7,720)
14th Place: Oliver Price ($7,720)
15th Place: Kevin Nguyen ($7,720)
16th Place: Raymond Chan ($6,610)

Chip counts for final 16

Tim West: 423,000
Scott Clements: 346,000
Brian Yoon: 346,000
Derrick Ho: 330,000
Oliver Price: 230,000
Michael Gen: 220,000
Dominik Nitsche: 178,000
Chris Bonita: 170,000
Kevin Nguyen: 135,000
Adam Miller: 128,000
Johnson Liu: 120,000
Java Nipun: 120,000
Mike Jacob: 95,000
Allen Hammer: 70,000
Nicholas Grippo: 90,000
Raymond Chan: 64,000

17th Place: Andrew Lichtenberger ($6,610)

Andrew Lichtenberger holding [Qc][Tc] when it failed to improve against Tim West's pocket sevens.  Andrew will earn $6,610 for his 17th place finish.

18th Place: Brent Sumja ($6,600)

Recent eliminations: 19th-27th Place

19th Place: Chance Kornuth ($5,790)
20th Place: Danny Qutami ($5,790)
21st Place: Cornel Roman ($5,790)
22nd Place: Noah Bronstein ($5,150)
23rd Place: Darrell Ticehurst ($5,150)
24th Place: Tuan Mai ($5,150)
25tj Place: Tho Tran ($4,560)
26th Place: Sakat Batra ($4,560)
27th Place: Matt Jensen ($4,560)

Recent eliminations: 28th-36th ($3,980)

Here are the recent eliminations, all of which earned the player $3,980:

28th Place: Yanki Koppel
29th Place: Marc Kaplan
30th Place: Frank Hernandez
31st Place: Wes Sage
32nd Place: Matt Stout
33rd Place: Sautabh Patel
34th Place: David Rudolf
35th Place: Peter Shekeloff
36th Place: Dan Smith