Saturday, March 14, 2015

1st Place: Taylor Paur ($1,214,200)

On the 180th and final hand of the 2015 WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star Classic, Taylor Paur raised to 400,000 and Isaac Baron reraised to 1,050,000. Paur called. The flop fell [9s] [7h] [2h], Baron bet 1,050,000 and Paur called again. The [3d] fell on the turn, Baron bet 1,650,000 and Paur called. The [5h] was the river, Baron shoved for just over 3 million and Paur snap-called, tabling [Th] [9h] for a rivered flush.

Baron showed [Ac] [9d] for what was a better kicker with a pair of nines, but the flush on the river means Baron was left to settle for second place.

Paur wins $1,214,200, a seat in the WPT World Championship, a pair of Gold Monster 24K headphones, a Hublot watch and a permanent place on the WPT Champions Cup.

That wraps up the action from Bay 101. Thanks for your continued support of Bay 101 News!

2nd Place: Isaac Baron ($704,200)