Sunday, March 6, 2016

Recent eliminations: 25th-27th Place ($4,560)

The following players have been eliminated, each earning $4,560 for their efforts:

25th Place: Adam Miller
26th Place: Joseph Arde
27th Place: Ken Huynh

Final 27 players reached, recent eliminations

With the elimination of Jake Schwartz in 28th place (pictured above), the final 27 players have been reached. Players are redrawing for seats at the final three tables, and play will continue.

Here are the recent eliminations, all of which earn $3,980:
28th Place: Jake Schwartz
29th Place: Shahin Shojaeyan
30th Place: Frank Hernandez
31st Place: Darell Ticehurst
32nd Place: Kevin Vanderbeek
33rd Place: Steven Terpstra
34th Place: Saurabh Patel
35th Place: Felipe De Almedia Leme
36th Place: Kartheeharam Nagarajan

$2,100 Event is in the money

Play had not even gotten hand-for-hand, and Michael Jen was eliminated on an outer table in 37th place. The remaining 36 players are now in the money, guaranteed a minimum $3,980 payday. Play will continue tonight until the final 9 players are reached.

Rellie Sigua busts just shy of the money

Rellie Sigua has been on the featured table all day and said he had family watching him on the live stream. A few spots from the money, Rellie got the last of his chips in with [7d][7c] and was racing against his opponent's [As][Ks]. The [3c][Ad][8d] favored his opponent, but the [Qd] on the turn gave Rellie a flush draw to go with his set outs. The [Ac] hit the river, sending Rellie to the rail.

45 Players Remain

We are mid-way through Level 14, and the sixth table has just been broken. That means that just 45 players remain in this $2,100 Event. Still alive are Kyle Julius, Jonathan Little, Jake Schwartz, John Racener, and Zo Karim, among others.

The money bubble nears

Only 62 players remain as Level 12 comes to a close, and those players are now on a 15 minute break. When they return, blidns will be 800/1,600 with a 200 ante.

The top 36 players will get paid, so expect the money bubble to burst in the next 3 levels. Last year saw Dan O'Brien go out on the bubble... who will be this year's "bubble boy"?

Phil Hellmuth has been eliminated

Phil Hellmuth was all in holding pocket queens and was up against his opponent's ace king. The Q-T-3 flop gave Phil top set, leaving his opponent with just a gutshot straight draw. That draw was filled when a jack hit the turn, but Phil could still use his "White Magic" to fill up on the river. A four on the river meant Phil would be eliminated a minute shy of the dinner break. He politely shook his opponent's hand and wished him good luck.

Players are now on dinner break

Only 107 players remain from the starting field of 300 entrants, and they are now on a one hour dinner break. The blinds will be 400/800 with a 100 ante when players return at approximately 6:30pm PST.

Level 9 chip counts

Blinds are now 300/600 with a 75 ante, and 110 players remain from the starting field of 300. At the end of this level, there will be a one hour dinner break. Here are select chip counts from around the room:

Jonathan Little -  50,000
Ryan D'Angelo - 40,000
Zo Karim -  39,000
Jake Schwartz - 37,000
Christian Harder - 29,000
Jeremy Ausmus - 29,000
Joe McKeehen - 20,000
Phil Hellmuth - 15,000
Tyler Patterson - 14,000
Jesse Yaginuma - 14,000
Brian Brubaker - 11,000
Natasha Barbour - 9,000
John Racener - 7,000

New faces join the $2,100

Natasha Barbour & friend
Christian Harder
Jason Mercier
Mukul Pahuja
Nam Le
Phil Hellmuth
Tim West
Todd Brunson
Zo Karim

Photos from around the room

Brian Brubaker
Chance Kornuth
Dan Shak
Faraz Jaka
Jesse Yaginuma
Joe McKeehen
Jonathan Little
Matt Affleck
Matt Salsberg
Michael Noori
Neil Blumenfield
Randy Gil
Ryan D'Angelo
Scott Clements and Ryan Reiss
Tyler Patterson
Amir Lehavot

Players are now on break

Players in the $2,100 event are now on their first break of the day. When they return, blinds will be 75/150 with a 25 ante. Currently 291 players are registered for this event.

$2,100 Event is Under Way

The 2016 Bay 101 Shooting Star has begun! The first event, the $2,100 buyin, is now under way. Cards are in the air with 250 entrants so far and a long list of alternates. Players start with 10,000 in chips, and blinds begin at 25/50. A full structure is available here.

You can now watch a live stream of our featured table at