Monday, March 7, 2016

1st Place: Michael Harvey ($121,710 + $7,500 Shooting Star Seat)

After three hours of heads up play, Michael Harvey has eliminated Samuel Panzica in the $2,100 Event. Michael will earn $121,710 as well as a $7,500 Shooting Star Seat. Congratulations, Michael.

$2,100 Updated Chip Counts

The $2,100 Event continues to play heads up after more than two hours. The chip lead has gone back and forth, but currently it is Samuel Panzica in the lead with 1,700,000 to Michael Harvey's 1,300,000. When they return from break, blinds will be 15,000/30,000 with a 5,000 ante.

$2,100 Event is now heads up

Samuel Panzica (left) and Michael Harvey (right) play heads up
Michael Harvey was all in on a [5c][Qs][3d][2h] board holding [2s][2c] and was up against John Racener's [Ad][4c]. The turn card had given Michael a set, but unfortunately for him it gave John a straight. Michael begged for the dealer to pair the river, and the [3s] was just what he needed. The stacks were counted down, and John was left with just 60,000.

John was able to double up one or two times, but he eventually fell in 3rd place when his [8s][8h] lost to Samuel Panzica's [As][8c]. An ace hit the turn, and John will have to settle for a $50,820 payday, plus a $7,500 Bay 101 Shooting Star seat.

The remaining two will battle it out for the first place prize of $121,710, Second place will take home $83,180, while both players have already locked up a $7,500 Bay 101 Shooting Star seat as well.

Phil Hellmuth has taken his seat

Halfway through Level 7, Phil Hellmuth has finally arrived and taken his seat in this Main Event.

6th Place: Ty Reiman ($25,920)

Ty Reiman has been eliminated from the $2,100 Event when his pocket queens ran into the pocket aces of Michael Harvey. Ty will earn $25,920 for his efforts.

Main Event is now on dinner break

Players in Day 1A of the Main Event are now on a 1 hour dinner break. When they return at approximately 6:30pm PST, blinds will be 250/500 with a 75 ante.

$2,100 Chip Counts at Break

Danny Qatami was eliminated in 7th place for $21,530, leaving just six players in the $2,100 Event. Those six are now on break. As blinds head to 6,000/12,000 with a 2,000 ante, here are updated chip counts in seat order:

Ty Reiman - 598,000
John Racener - 503,000
Stuart Tuvey - 435,000
Zo Karim - 328,000
Samuel Panzica - 639,000
Michael Harvey - 519,000

Cate Hall gets lucky to triple up

Cate Hall was all in and was called in two spots. Mike Sexton had the most chips and held [As][Qs], and he was in the worst shape. Cate held [7s][7h] but was behind the third opponent's [Ah][Ad]. As the WPT cameras surrounded the table, the dealer put out the [Tc][7d][Td] flop, giving Cate a full house. The [Qc] gave Mike a chance at winning the pot, and Mike pointed out that he had more outs than the player with two aces. The [7c] hit the river to give Cate quads, and she will more than triple up her chips. Meanwhile, Mike will ship over a chunk of his chips to his opponent.

More Photos of Bounties

8th Place: Alex Greenblatt ($17,260)

Zo Karim has won another flip and has eliminated another player. This time it was Alex Greenblatt with [Ad][Qh] against Zo's [8s][8c]. The board ran out [2s][Jh][3d][Th][4d] to keep the eights in front. Alex will exit this tournament in 8th place, collecting $17,260 for his efforts.

9th Place: Bob Kumar ($12,930)

On one of the first hands of the final table, action folded to Zo Karim who moved all in, having Bob Kumar in the big blind covered. Bob made the call holding pocket eights, and it was a race against Zo's queen-ten. The flop was safe for Bob, but the turn gave Zo a gutshot broadway straight draw. That gutshot straight filled on the river, giving Zo the nuts and sending Bob to the rail in 9th place. He will collect $12,930 for his efforts.

$2,100 Final Table Under Way

Cards are in the air for the final table of yesterday's $2,100 Event. Blinds have resumed at 4,000/8,000 with a 1,000 ante. We will bring you coverage as the tournament nears completion.

Photos of Bounties

Some bounties were out of their chairs, and some of them (...ahem Phil Hellmuth ahem...) haven't arrived yet. But here are photos of most of the bounties in the field for Day 1A.

Aaron Massey
Anthony Zinno
Cate Hall

Daniel Negreanu
Erik Seidel
Greg Merson
Jason Mercier
Maria Ho
Matt Salsberg
Mike Matusow
Mike Sexton
Mukul Pahuja
Noah Schwartz
Tyler Patterson

Players are on break

The players in Day 1A of the Main Event are now on their first break of the day. When they return, blinds will be 75/150 with a 25 ante. So far 263 players have entered this flight.

Mike Sexton is in the action

Mike Sexton was on the button and had a bet out in front of him on a [Qs][Kd][6h] flop. His opponent made the call, and checked again when the [2h] hit the turn. Mike bet 6,000, prompting his opponent to go into the tank about his decision. He eventually elected to move all in, prompting Mike to talk the hand out loud. Eventually, Mike made the call, and his opponent showed him [Ac][Kc]. Mike was relieveed to see that as he flipped over his own [Ah][Kh], except Mike had a freeroll to win the whole pot. The [Tc] hit the river, however, and the two players would chop the pot.

Shooting Star Day 1A is Under Way

Cards are in the air for Day 1A of the Shooting Star $7,500 Main Event. 250 players have taken their seats for the first of two starting days in this World Poker Tour event.

You can watch a live stream of our featured table with Mike Sexton and Cate Hall at

Final Table Chip Counts & Seating Assignments

With the elimination of Elisa Nakagawa in 10th place, the final table has been reached in the $2,100 Event. The final nine will return tomorrow at 4pm to play down to a winner. Here are the official chip counts and seating assignments:

Seat 1: Alex Greenblatt - 213,000
Seat 2: Ty Reiman - 863.000
Seat 3: John Racener - 390,000
Seat 4: Stuart Tuvey - 149,000
Seat 5: Zo Karim - 216,000
Seat 6: Bob Kumar - 148,000
Seat 7: Samuel Panzica - 341,000
Seat 8: Michael Harvey - 499,000
Seat 9: Danny Qatami - 199,000

Play will resume at 4,000/8,000 blinds with a 1,000 ante. 14:20 is left on the clock, and the button will be in the 8 seat.

Unofficial Final Table Chip Counts & Seating Assignments

Ty Reiman is the chipleader
Seat 1: Alex Greenblatt - 207,000
Seat 2: Ty Reiman - 605,000
Seat 3: John Racener - 430,000
Seat 4: Stuart Tuvey - 138,000
Seat 5: Zo Karim - 134,000
Seat 6: Bob Kumar - 175,000
Seat 7: Samuel Panzica - 320,000
Seat 8: Elisa Nakagawa - 187,000
Seat 9: Michael Harvey - 153,000
Seat 10: Danny Qatami - 248,000

Unofficial final table reached

With the elimination of David Chau in 11th place, the unofficial final table of 10 has been reached. Players are redrawing for seats, and will continue playing until the final 9 are reached. Those nine will return tomorrow at 4pm to play down to a winner.

Recent eliminations: 13th-15th Place ($7,720)

Chris Bonita
The following players have been eliminated, earning $7,720 for their efforts:

13th Place: Chris Bonita
14th Place: Haixa Zhang
15th Place: Robert Lu

Recent eliminations: 16th-18th Place ($6,610)

Kyle Julius
The following players have been eliminated, earning $6,610 for their efforts:

16th Place: Danamarie Bader Muse
17th Place: Kyle Julius
18th Place: Hung Ly

Players are on break

The final 15 players are now on break. When they return, blinds will be 3,000/6,000 with a 1,000 ante.

Recent eliminations: 19th-21st Place ($5,790)

Kevin O'Donnell
The following players have been eliminated and have earned $5,790 for their efforts:

19th Place: Kevin O'Donnell
20th Place: Scott Eskenazi
21st Place: Daniel Williams

Recent eliminations: 22nd-24th Place ($5,150)

The following players have been eliminated, earning a $5,150 payday:

22nd Place: Ronald Matsuura
23rd Place: Avi Mukherjee
24th Place: Phong Nguyen

John Racener wins a huge pot

John Racener opened the pot before Danamarie Bader Muse 3-bet. Action folded around back to John who 4-bet, promptiong Danamarie to make the call. The [5d][Kc][6d] flop brought a bet of 34,000 from John and a call by Danamarie. When the [8h] hit the turn, action quickly went check-check. The [2d] river saw John bet 43,000, which Danamarie eventually called. John showed his opponent [As][Ac], to which Danamarie nodded her head and mucked. After the hand, John was up to 314,000.