Monday, March 6, 2017

$2,100 down to 4 players

The $2,100 Event is now down to the final 4 players. As we were getting chip counts, Yanki Koppel three bet all in and was called by Ryan D'Angelo. It was a race as Yanki held [9h][9c] against Ryan's [As][Tc], but the [4c][2c][9d] flop left Ryan drawing to runner-runner. The [7h] turn meant Ryan was drawing dead, and the [9s] river gave Yanki quads and the pot. Here are chip counts after that hand, in seat order:

Mike Heshmati - 200,000
Yanki Koppel - 870,000
Ryan D'Angelo - 670,000
Brad Gordon - 1,290,000

Here are the final table payouts up to this point:

5th Place: David Rudolf ($32,410)
6th Place: Erik Christensen ($25,920)
7th Place: Chris Bonita ($21,530)
8th Place: Jonathan Borenstein ($17,260)
9th Place: Saurabh Patel ($12,930)
10th Place: Ayman Qutami ($9,420)