Monday, March 6, 2017

Play down to 27 players, recent eliminations

The field has been trimmed to the final 27 players, and the three tables will now be re-drawn for new seats. Here are the recent eliminations:

28th Place: Andrey Plotnikov ($3,980)
29th Place: Karthik Sundaram ($3,980)
30th Place: Gary Collins ($3,980)
31st Place: Ekrem Bozkurt ($3,980)
32nd Place: Wes Sage ($3,980)
33rd Place: Donald Landwirth ($3,980)
34th Place: Benjamin Sarnaff ($3,980)
35th Place: Jake Schwartz ($3,980)
36th Place: Maria Ho ($1,327)
37th Place: Najati Numan ($1,327)
38th Place: Tom Madruga ($1,326)