Thursday, March 9, 2017

Recent eliminations: 25th-30th Place

A dramatic double elimination saw the field shrink to 24 players. Cody Wiegann was all in with [5d][5c] and was in bad shape against Tom West's [9s][9c]. But they were both in worse shape against Xinyu Zhao's [Kd][Kc]. The board ran out clean, and Cody and Tom hit the rail, bringing the field down to four tables remaining. Here are the recent eliminations:

25th Place: Tom West ($30,590)
26th Place: Cody Wiegmann ($30,590)
27th Place: Joseph Elpayaa ($30,590)
28th Place: Bob Mather ($26,220)
29th Place: Dan O'Brien ($26,220)
30th Place: Mike McClain ($26,220)