Sunday, March 5, 2017

$2,100 Event is now in the money

It all happened so fast! The board read 38 players remaining, and hand-for-hand play was about to begin. Maria Ho was headed for the rail as she couldn't find a winning spot for her few big blinds. But two players busted out on an adjacent table at the same time, leaving the remaining 35 players in the money. The two players and Maria will split 36th place money three ways, earning them each a $1,326 payday. It's rare to buy in for a tournament and cash for less, but it happened here today at Bay 101.

Post dinner photos

We are halfway through Level 11, and just 74 players remain. There's still a long way to go until the money bubble bursts, and even longer until the final ten bag up their chips for the night. Here are some photos from the last two levels following dinner break.

Kitty Kuo

Chris Moorman and Daniel Strelitz

Maria Ho and Chino Rheem

Ray Qartomy

Ryan D'Angelo

Mimi Luu

Players are now on dinner break

The 99 remaining players are now on their one hour dinner break. Play will resume at approximately 6:30pm PST at 400/800 blinds with a 100 ante.

Josh Arieh eliminated by Ryan Riess

Josh Arieh raised preflop and Ryan Riess made the call. The [7c][5c][2s] flop brought a c-bet from Josh, and Ryan made the call. The [8h] turn saw Josh bet again only to see Ryan move all in. Josh made the call, being slightly covered. Ryan had flopped a set with his [2c][2d], and Josh was looking for a two outer with this [Tc][Td]. The river was a blank, and Josh will be eliminated. After the hand, Ryan was up to 54,000.

Chip Counts in Level 8

Level 9 is approaching, and we collected select chip counts during Level 8 (250/500 with a 75 ante). After level 9, there will be a one hour dinner break.

Chino Rheem - 50,000
Kitty Kuo - 41,000
Jesse Yaginuma - 32,000
Chris Moorman - 30,000
Tyler Patterson - 26,600
Ryan Riess - 24,500
Daniel Strelitz - 20,000
Maria Ho - 20,000
Matt Wantman - 16,000
Mark Newhouse - 16,000
Amir Lehavot - 15,000
John Racener - 14,500
Josh Arieh - 13,300
Matt Berkey - 7,100
Rep Porter - 6,800
Cate Hall - 4,800
Chance Kornuth - eliminated 

Chip counts in Level 6

Jesse Yaginuma
As play continues in Level 6 (150/300 with a 50 ante), we get chip counts for notables in the field:

Jesse Yaginuma - 28,600
Josh Arieh - 20,350
Tyler Patterson - 18,400
Chino Rheem - 16,000
Maria Ho - 15,500
Matt Berkey - 14,500
Rep Porter - 14,100
Chainsaw - 13,700
Ryan Riess - 13,600
Neil Blumenfield - 12,700
Tim West - 12,500
Mohsin Charania - 10,100
Chance Kornuth - 6,900
Chris Moorman - 6,200
Cate Hall - 5,600
David Peters - eliminated 
Pat Lyons - eliminated 
Joe McKeehen - eliminated 
Matt Affleck - eliminated

$2,100 Prize Pool & Payouts

The $2,100 Event received a total of 300 entries, creating a $585,000 prize pool. The top 36 players will be in the money, with the top three players earning a seat into the $7,500 Shooting Star tournament. Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $121,710 + $7,500 Seat
2nd Place: $83,180 + $7,500 Seat
3rd Place: $50,820 + $7,500 Seat
4th Place: $43,170
5th Place: $32,410
6th Place: $25,920
7th Place: $21,530
8th Place: $17,260
9th Place: $12,930
10th-12th Place: $9,420
13th-15th Place: $7,720
16th-18th Place: $6,610
19th-21st Place: $5,790
22nd-24th Place: $5,150
25th-27th Place: $4,560
28th-36th Place: $3,980

Photos from around the room

Tyler Patterson

Todd Brunson

John Racener

Matt Affleck

Neil Blumenfield

Rep Porter

Ryan Riess

Cate Hall Off to a Good Start

Play is still in the first level of the $2,100 Event, but Cate Hall has already chipped up. The board read [8c][9c][5c] and action checked to Chance Kornuth who bet 200, only to see both Cate and David Forster call. The [Ac] turn saw action check to Chance, who fired again for 1,000. Cate quickly called, and David threw his cards into the muck. When the [4h] hit on the river, both players checked, and Cate tabled [Kc][Kh] for the second nuts.

Chance lost that pot, but was later in another pot with David. David turned a straight and check-raised all in, only to see Chance snap call with the nut flush. Chance had David covered, and so he will be eliminated from today's play.

Blinds will be going up to 50/100 shortly.

$2k is Under Way

The 2017 Shooting Star is now under way. Cards are in the air for today's $2,100 Event, with 250 players seated and 50 alternates ready and waiting. We will bringing you coverage throughout the tournament series.