Monday, March 18, 2019

12th Place: Alex Golshanara ($6,300)

Alex G. (standing, left) watches his last river card
Level 21
Blinds: 15,000-25,000 with a big blind ante of 25,000
Players Remaining: 12/354 original entries

Alex Golshanara was down to his last 110,000 and moved all in from early position. Action folded to the small blind who called. The big blind folded and the cards were exposed:

Alex [Ah][Qd]
Small blind [Qh][Qc]

The [Kh][Ad][Kc] was just what Alex needed to suck out on his opponent who was now drawing to one out. The [Qs] never appeared, and Alex survived a bit longer.

After folding through the blinds, Alex was all in again from the cutoff and was called by the very same player. This time, Alex was the favorite with his [As][Jd] vs. his opponent's [Js][Ts]. The [Ad][Qc][6s] gave Alex's opponents four outs to a gutshot straight. The [3d] changed nothing, but the [Ks] hit the river, ending Alex's tournament life.

Alex will exit this tournament in 12th place, collecting $6,300 for his efforts.