Monday, March 18, 2019

3rd Place: Mohsin Charania ($35,675)

Shannon Shorr was all in preflop holding [5s][5h] and was racing against Mohsin Charania's [As][Kd]. The [8h][Tc][3d][8d][2d] board meant the pocket pair held up, and Shannon would doubleup through Mohsin. Shannon had 560,000 in his stack, and Mohsin was left with 150,000 after the hand.

On the next hand, Mohsin put 50,000 in for the big blind ante and was left with 100,000, half going in the big blind. He was committed to call after Leo Feinzaig raised to 100,000 and Shannon Shorr called. The [6d][2h][6c][Qd][7c] board got checked to the river and all three players tabled their hands:

Leo [Ac][Ts]
Shannon [Kd][9h]

Mohsin quickly flashed his king-five and mucked having been eliminated in 3rd place. He will collect $35,675 for his efforts.