Friday, March 22, 2019

5th Place: John Andress ($103,710)

After doubling up Loni Harwood two hands prior, John Andress put his last 30,000 chips in dark under the gun. Loni Harwood and Dan Shak both limped in and Ryan Tosoc raised to isolate. Loni and Dan folded, and the hands were exposed:

Ryan [Ad][6c]
John [As][2s]

The board ran out [Td][Jc][Jd][Qh][Ac] and the pot was chopped, leaving John with 80,000 chips.

On the very next hand, John put half of his chips in for the big blind ante and the other half for his big blind, so he was all in dark again. Dan limped in from the button and Ryan limped from the small blind. On a [Qh][Jc][Ad] flop, Ryan check-folded to Dan's 50,000 bet, and John got his first look at his cards:

John [7d][2s]
Dan [Qd][2d]

John would need running sevens or running ten-jack to survive. Seeing his imminent fate, he put on his jacket and backpack as he awaited the turn. The dealer burned and turned the [4s] meaning John was drawing dead. The meaningless [5s] hit the river to officially eliminate John in 5th place, good for $103,710.