Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Anthony Wise Eliminated in 53rd Place by Shooting Star Alexander Greenblatt

Level 18
Blinds: 4000-8000 with a 8000 bb ante
Remaining: 52/440

Anthony Wise moves all in preflop for 92,000 under the gun, and Shooting Star Alex Greenblatt reraises all in over the top of him. Everyone else folds so the two remaining players reveal their cards.

Greenblatt: [Ah][Jh]
Wise: [Qd][Jc]

Board: [Kh][Js][5s][7h][10c]

Wise is eliminated in 53rd place, good for $9,600, and Greenblatt stacks up 369,000 after collecting the pot.

Anthony Wise - 369,000 (46 bb)
Alex Greenblatt - Eliminated in 53rd Place ($9,600)